Thought of the Day: Think and Act Like a Spider 🕷 

We can learn a lot from spiders (even though they gross me out BIG time).

Here are three photos taken over two days. 

This last one was from last night and although it freaked me out it also amazed me. For almost one week now I’ve seen this spider working hard. 

Every night this HUGE spider comes out, sets its trap, and hunts. When the sun shines each day I notice that the web gets knocked down as a car exits. 

Around midnight the spider starts all over again. It doesn’t give up and say “I’m not hunting anymore” because it needs food to survive. It just focuses on its night time job…day after day. 

Imagine having this life. 

Imagine every day seeing what you created destroyed and having to start all over again. 

Be grateful you’re not a spider. 

At the same time consider focusing your mind and activities like one. 


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