Natasha Foreman MBA wears many hats.

She is the CEO and Managing Consultant for Foreman & Associates, LLC, a management consulting and business support services firm. Natasha is the Co-Founder and Chief Global Strategist at Storiboard Nation LLC , a tech startup focused on connecting teens and young adults to positive role models around the world. She is also honored to serve as an Adjunct Professor at Kaplan University and Atlanta Technical College, where she teaches business courses.

Natasha started her first business at the age of 10, and is extremely passionate about youth entrepreneurship. Natasha has been working with various organizations over the past 20 years to help build, nurture, and support future leaders and entrepreneurs. She also dedicated two years to design, pilot, and build youth entrepreneurship program, HOPE Business In A Box, for global non-profit, Operation HOPE.

For over 25 years Natasha has devoted her life to serving others in under-served and underrepresented communities, and has received numerous awards from schools and organizations around the United States for her work.

Since 1989 Natasha has been a guest speaker at various business, community and educational events for youth and adults. Natasha serves on the board of several organizations, mentors several young women and men ages 14-34, and works to serve as a sponsor for their future endeavors. Throughout the year you can find Natasha in organizations and classrooms speaking about business, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, self-esteem and self-empowerment, financial literacy and dignity, her life story and the challenges she had and still overcomes.

Natasha freely gives her time and other resources to various organizations, schools, and individuals– providing a hand up not a hand out to those who desire an opportunity toward self-sufficiency, self-empowerment, and a life as a change agent. Natasha is happiest every time she gets the opportunity to speak to and tutor children and young adults…especially when she sees their eyes “light up” when they finally understand something they initially thought they “couldn’t do”.

She also makes time to regularly contribute to the Foreman & Associates and Storiboard Nation blogs, Breaking Bread With Natasha (a spiritual blog), and her Paradigm Life blog.

A Southern California native, Natasha earned her B.A. in Black Studies (Africana Studies) from California State University, Long Beach, and her MBA with a Marketing Specialization from Kaplan University. She holds a Post-Masters Certificate in College Teaching, and is currently completing her dissertation for her PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Management Education—with the focus of combining theory with real-world application in both the c-suite and the classroom.

If small business is the lifeline of our nation, then we must educate generations of current and future business owners and managers so that we can continue to thrive and lead globally.” ~ Natasha



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  1. Hello, I like what I have read on your sight. I actually was listening to your husband on Roland Martin show!!! I appreciate his passion and knowledge!!!!! I would say I went to look up his business and did what real women would do look up his spouse!!! Behind ever good men is a strong focused sister!!! Thanks for everything and congratulations to you husband!!!!!

  2. Natasha, How can I connect and leverage your knowledge skills and ability!!!!!I’m at a crossroads with my next phase in life and my desire to continue to serve. I’m and Engineer specializes in Quality/Risk Management and ISO Compliance. Always wanted to be a teacher as you reference and gave considered working in the Community College yet don’t know where to begin. After reading your post I was excited you are marketing your dreams….. Please know I’m going to follow you and your husband so I’m claiming a supper awesome 2017……. May you have a Blessed Holiday!!!

    1. Terrie, I believe that God has called on me to make some moves in the next few days that will make it possible for you and others to connect with me so that you can “leverage” my “knowledge, skills and ability” as you stated. Stay tuned for details coming soon!

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