Do you understand this difference?

Prepare yourself for the tests. Learn the lesson, preferably on the first attempt, because who really likes taking tests over and over again? Get out of your head and get out of your way. There’s so much to see, do, experience, feel and explore in this vast world; we’re wasting time and precious moments re-taking tests!

~Natasha L. Foreman
P.S. Thank you Arleen for sharing this image with me this morning. As you can see, I’m paying it forward!

Today my baby boy turned 7 years old. I remember the day I picked him up from the airport and I saw his huge paws. I remember the numerous training sessions that we attended together, and his graduation ceremonies each time he completed a course. I have so many fond memories of watching my baby grow from a puppy to an adult.

It’s been an awesome 7 years being the mommy of this lovable chocolate labrador. Here’s to many more birthdays together!


Wow…wow…wow…I’m 43 years young (as of yesterday) and it’s amazing to make the attempt to process that. What does it mean, beyond the fact that this whipper snapper has only been on this planet for 43 years?

I’m really not sure.

I’ve been raising hell on some level since my head poked out of my mom’s womb. I’ve seen, done and experienced a lot. I’ve laughed more than I cried.

There’s still so much more that I want to do, see, and experience. I’ve traveled to several countries, but there’s more than 100 that I still want to visit and explore. I’ve met hundreds of people, yet my heart yearns to meet and connect with hundreds more. I look forward to learning and sharing with people from different faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds. I look forward to years of continued service in all of the spaces and places that many others would never consider.

I want to experience more “firsts” and doing so boldly. I look forward to my best and brightest days. I look forward to smiling more. The picture that I share with you today captures the love that I felt at that moment and the love that I feel today. I enjoyed every second of my birthday. I enjoyed being loved on and sharing in that love. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and to those who provided birthday treats. Thanks KLB for the pamper day. Here’s to more love, life, and light!

Happy birthday to me!


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Life is about choices. How we invest our time and energy each day is a choice. I choose to spend today shining brightly and focused on doing better and being better. I choose to inhale the goodness of positivity and close the vents to block out the negativity.

My vents were open this week and the toxic fumes were choking me. Yesterday I wised up and decided to close them. Today I will keep them closed. Each day I will make the choice as to how I will live and respond to life’s challenges and the consequences to the decisions that I’ve made. I will choose whose energy to embrace or reject.

What about you? What choice will you make today for today?

Special thanks to my sis-in-love Arleen who has showered me today and all week with love, and sent me this Friday image that you see below. I love you much Arleen!

Here’s my wish, hope, and prayer for you—for all of us….

Embrace and enjoy all of the blessings before you and around you, and don’t waste one single moment on negative things, people, and experiences.

Don’t waste one moment being negative, spiteful, vindictive, or retaliatory. Choose instead to shine brightly! Be the best you that you can be. You’re either investing in your life or pressing the fast forward button to your demise.

You are making the choices for you. Your unhappiness and disappointment is your doing, not someone else’s. If someone did or said something negative to you (or that disappointed or upset you), you make the choice as to how to respond or react to them. You choose how to invest your time and energy. You choose to engage or walk away. You choose to punish or forgive. You choose to hate or love.

The more negativity that you ingest the more you pour into others. The same is true of positivity!

What is sad is that some of us are still dwelling on past hurts when the people who hurt us have moved on. We make the decision to continue to dwell and wallow in that darkness, rather than to turn to that bright light and hold on to save our life. It’s a choice.

Some of us continue to engage with bullies who are only fueled through that engagement and by our reactions. Wake up folks, energy must be shared for the bully to be fueled. Stop fueling the bully. Stop engaging in battle with them. Go no-contact and watch that goliath come tumbling down. It’s your choice.

It’s a choice to listen to other weak and insecure people tell us how to retaliate and do harm to someone who harmed us emotionally, physically or financially. But our choice is a foolish one. That choice keeps your vents open and the junk flowing through on full blast.

There is no joy in that state of being. The only space you can exist in is misery, even after your retaliatory achievement you will find yourself miserable. Why? Because you gave in, gave up, and jumped head first into the pool of negativity. You actually drowned in it. There’s no joy and happiness in negativity. You’re just miserable and you’re making everyone around you miserable.

That’s because you’ve been wrecklessly misinformed.

See, the best revenge is living well, living on purpose, living in love with life and with self, and without a care about the shoulda coulda woulda. When your focus is on loving yourself and being the best you that you can be, your mind, body, spirit and soul reject the ideas and actions of retaliation and other negative displays of darkness. When you’re filled with the focus of living well you’re too busy shining brightly to ever let anything or anyone cloud your day. It’s your choice. It’s always your choice.

What do you choose?

Let’s shine brightly together, starting first with today.

Have a beautifully blessed day!

Love always,


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