Many have chalked up the symptoms to “old age” not knowing when and how this silent killer creeps in and causes havoc on the brain. We exist in a state of denial while our loved one grows more and more tormented. 
We just sadly watch as the years go by and our loved ones get worse and their independence is turned into extreme dependence. We ignore the warnings of hoarding, wandering, emotional outbursts, forgetfulness, and in many instances, paranoia. 

They are oftentimes misdiagnosed multiple times, given all sorts of medications that only worsen the conditions, just to be later told “there’s nothing else that can be done. Just give the meds to slow down the process as much as possible”.  

That’s how Alzheimer’s-Dementia attacks. 

Families struggle financially because we never factor in the added cost and time of taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s-Dementia. 

You’re not told in advance that the family house, car, and other assets are counted as income towards your loved ones care, and if you waited too long to get the property out of their name, it’s almost impossible to do so once they are mentally impaired from making those major decisions on their own. Sometimes when families realize what needs to be done it’s at the stage where your loved one’s paranoia is growing and they think that you’re out to get them and take their money, not help them. Can you blame them? You’re trying to take away what they see as their independence on top of taking their assets out of their control. 

What they don’t realize just as families don’t realize is that the more assets that they possess (no matter how low in perceived value) the less the government will help to cover of their mounting medical expenses. Your family could lose the very property that your loved one worked so hard to purchase and maintain. The average person isn’t taught about asset protection until we’re faced with a crisis and in need of protection. By then, it’s oftentimes too late. 

A person who is fighting this disease in their 70s and 80s may have adult children that are in their 50s and 60s, and they may not have the strength and resources to care for their parent. They may be working and can’t quit their job to take care of their loved one. They may not be able to uproot themselves and relocate to a new city or state to be the caregiver. What if there are no grandchildren to assist? Or the grandchildren are too busy living their lives to help care for their grandparent? Who can afford to uproot their own life to now care full-time or part-time for a parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt? 

What if the family lacks the financial resources for proper in-home or facility care? 

What happens if this person doesn’t have siblings, children, and grandchildren?

What happens then?

We never consider the ups and downs of their fading and distorted memories, and the fears that fill them because there’s more chaos than peace within. 

Imagine wearing headphones every day with all kinds of garbled sounds endlessly playing while you’re trying to concentrate, hold a conversation, take your medicine, eat, or sleep. 

Imagine feeling like you’re losing yourself, losing control of your basic skills to reason, discern, and communicate effectively. Imagine not feeling in control of your emotions. Imagine reverting back to your childhood and if you live long enough, your infancy—where you have an inability to clothe, bathe or feed yourself–losing your ability to walk and talk. 

Imagine forgetting the names and faces of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and associates. Imagine not knowing your own child, sibling, or spouse. Imagine feeling like you’re surrounded by strangers but they know your name and you don’t know how. Imagine feeling so alone. The fear must be crippling at times. 

This is what Alzheimer’s-Dementia does to our loved ones. 

Let’s be clear, it’s not just attacking the elderly. We’re also seeing it attack younger people. There’s people in their 40s and 30s struggling to survive, praying for a cure, trying desperately to hold on. 

How in the world is this possible?

What are we consuming, wearing or breathing that leaves us exposed and so vulnerable? How it possible that it can attack generations of family members, and siblings? What “preventive” and other medications are we taking that can actually be attacking the very things our brain needs to protect itself? 

It’s attacking the one thing we can’t just get on a transplant waiting list for…our brains. It wipes out our short-term memory, it works hard to destroy our cognitive and verbal skills and as much of our long-term memory and dignity as it can before we’re no longer…

There has to be a cure…an affordable one…for everyone…now. We’re losing too many people. Too many lives are being torn apart. 

We need access to a cure. Now. 

I’m tired of losing loved ones. I’m tired of seeing other people lose loved ones. I’m tired of seeing families devastated by this. I’m tired of us treating this issue like it’s just a natural life-to-death progression for the elderly. It’s not! Those who have lost a family member are left to wonder and worry if someone it will come to attack them next or at some point. 

Lives are being silenced by Alzheimer’s-Dementia. People are left to feel helpless and hopeless. 

That’s what I want for my birthday.  The gifts and cards are great, but they won’t bring back my loved ones and they won’t help my grandmother and other family members who are fighting for their lives and dignity. It won’t heal and restore the battered caregivers who uprooted their lives to take care of their loved one fighting this disease. 

Please donate so that one day soon a cure can be gifted to the world. Every dollar helps. Here’s my donation page:

I refuse to lose hope that one day Alzheimer’s-Dementia will be no more!

Thanking you in advance for your gift and praying for an accessible cure for all. 


We’re seeing more and more powerful and influential men being ousted from their high pedestals after it is publicly revealed that they have sexually harassed, assaulted, and abused women who worked for (or had contact with) them. 

This tendency to use one’s power to harass, attack, bully and retaliate against someone else is sickening, and a long-standing abuse of power dating back longer than any of us can recall. The narcissistic sense of entitlement is out of control. The quid pro quo nonsense that we see throughout every industry must end now!

It is not acceptable to mask this behavior as “locker room talk” or just a case of “boys will be boys”. It is also not acceptable to naively think this behavior is limited to men as the predators and aggressors. We don’t hear of the women who use their power over other women and men because the question victims will always ask, “who would believe me?” and “will speaking up ruin my career and reputation?” which is the sad response victims of male perpetrators are forced to utter. 

We don’t hear of the women who grope and fondle other women and men. We don’t hear of the women who also disgustingly toss around the quid pro quo wand to get their sex and power cocktail. There will come a time when victims will speak up and out against the women who like their male counterparts have used their power to assault, harass, and retaliate against individuals who they don’t deem worthy of respect and dignity. 

It will take some time before our society creates the culture that stands besides victims. Right now our culture opts to instead vilify and further victimize accusers. 

One thing I know to be true, there are many many many more men and women in high positions in private and public sector organizations who are guilty of using their power and influence to sexually victimize, manipulate, and control countless numbers of men and women. They have paid off some accusers while thinking that those who go silent will remain their muted “toys”. 

I also know that just as we’re constantly blindsided by news of the cheating high profile husband, we will continue to see high powered men falling on sexual predator swords. Just as we wonder why high powered cheaters didn’t learn from the public ridicule and shame that other cheaters faced, we will find ourselves shaking our heads at more and more executives, entrepreneurs, and politicians who will be exposed for the predators that they are. We will wonder “why would they continue this knowing the risk and knowing that others before them lost their careers, families, and more?” We will see that just like the ones before them, narcissists never accept full responsibility—instead they blame those they have harmed. 

Harvey Weinstein is just one boulder on this huge mountain. Just this year alone look at the boulders that we’ve heard about:

  • Bill O’Reilly
  • Bill Shine
  • Eric Bolling 

And I of course don’t need to mention another name, because society has already excused his behavior as “locker room talk” even though he’s never spent a day in a locker room to know what men say or don’t say about their sexual “conquests”. 

This current scandal is an example of what happens when we give people the power to make and destroy someone’s personal and professional life; when we turn a blind eye to their behavior and go silent when their actions are brought to our attention; when we turn them into idols and deities. 

This is another example of how society has failed its people, especially its girls and women. 

This is an example of how society has failed to properly raise boys into respectable men, to teach them how to treat others and to never ever assume that they have the right to take something or demand something from someone else just because they are bigger, stronger, wealthier, or more influential. 

This is an example of how society has sexualized females and reduced us to our body parts, and a perverse thought process that would have some to believe that a female’s primary purpose is to serve the needs of males—whom society has molded to be sexual “stallions”— also reduced to their sexual organ. 

It should never be acceptable that a man or woman asks for or offers to give a massage to an employee, co-worker, job applicant, or volunteer. 

It is not acceptable for an employee or other “subordinate” to be asked to come to your hotel room or home, especially if it is not a company-wide or team-included event. 

It is not acceptable to undress or get dressed in front of an employee or other “subordinate”, this also includes staff members who work at the hotel where you are staying. 

Sexual jokes and comments about a person’s body parts, level of attractiveness, or gender is not acceptable. Telling an employee that they are “sexy” or that they look “sexy” or “hot” in an outfit is not acceptable. It is not okay to pat someone in your office on the rear end, or to tickle them, or kiss them on their face, neck, or mouth. They aren’t your spouse or significant other. 

Companies need to invest the time, money and other resources to properly overhaul your human resource department/team and to make sure that this department/team is equipped with everything it needs to help change the culture, practices, rules, and regulations of the company. If you don’t have an HR department then you need to hire an outside team to come in and work side-by-side with your company’s CEO and COO to perform the overhaul.

If the CEO of the company possesses and expresses predatory and/or bully tendencies then guess what? Changing the culture is only possible when the CEO changes their ways or is terminated from the company. Sometimes top leadership needs to be plucked out in order to save the rest of the body from the social cancer that spreads. 

We will begin to hear and see more cases of powerful men being publicly accused of sexual harassment and assault. They will be the figureheads of major companies in industries that we support. They will be the faces of the brands we purchase and invest in. They will be leaders in the social sector who we trust to help heal nations through charitable and good will projects. They will the leaders that we voted into office. 

What we must not do when we hear of these accusations is blame the accuser. We need to stop pointing fingers of blame and shame towards them. We need to stop telling them that they brought it on themselves or punish them for not coming forward sooner. All of these words and actions are the things they feared most, the things that their perpetrators told them would happen, because honestly…”who’s gonna believe you over me?” 

The only way for society to make right this wrong and to heal from this disease is that we must knock down the pillars that create and support this behavior. 

This could not be said any plainer than what this military veteran, husband, father, friend and neighbor said yesterday:

Sean’s Thought: (for the record its long and many won’t like it) It is amazing how easily people subscribe to slave mentality. How we as a country open the closets and dust off the old US vs THEM wardrobes. 

Yesterday I watched my FB and other social media platform blowup at all these disrespectful, whiny, rich, spoiled, ignorant, stupid, overpaid asshats and son of bitches who should be fired. I watched people use their military service as a reason and pictures of fallen men and women in service as flags of proof and honor. I watched people tell about how long they have been fans of the brand and how they (and their families) will never watch again. 

How dare the NFL not make these players stand up, look straight and salute the flag? 

Very interesting thought that is and it got me thinking what was really being said yesterday from almost an exclusive group of people with a few exceptions (I just saw a video of black man going off about these Democratic idiot asshats who got Trumped). That guy will be popular on both sides I’m sure. Anyway back to my thought. 

What were we really saying with all this chatter yesterday? I’m glad you asked. 

Black athlete you are paid to play a sport. We want you to simply play that sport. You get paid lots of money to run around, bang against each other, flex your muscles, jump around and entertain us. We don’t want your opinion we want your physical ability. Run fool. Jump. Catch the ball. Don’t worry as long as you are good (and quiet) we will support you. We will buy your jerseys and shout your name. Don’t worry you won’t get paid for those anyway but hey it is an honor for you to perform for us, the paying public. 

OK, hold on for a second that sounds a lot like something I heard in history class many years ago. Let me think for a second.

The owners need to keep their players in line. Players need to be appreciative of what we have given them. They are lucky to have these jobs and we can find more who will do it with respect. Owners should fire them if they do not perform to the way we expect. What would they (these Black players) be doing if it wasn’t for what the owners gave them? 

I know what it is it is the slavery mentality. Now, I know some of you just cringed a lot unfortunately you should of cringed at the choice of taking that mentality. Lets look at what was really going on yesterday without the rhetoric. 

NFL players took a knee during the national anthem (a MLB player did as well), NFL players locked arms in solidarity and some stayed in the locker room during the anthem (which was common practice until 2009 when the government paid the NFL to shuffle out them players to stand and salute for military recruitment but eh thats small potatoes). 

Correct me if I am wrong but not one player put a middle finger up during the anthem. Not one player told the military members in the audience that they hated them and they hated this country. Not one player spewed hate towards law enforcement or the establishment outside of many having a problem with our Commander and Chief lashing out at all those BLACK ATHLETES. 

Those players both black and white protested what is still, shockingly, a huge problem in this country which is, in this case, racial inequality within the judicial system. You don’t have to agree with those players but you do have to agree with one thing. They staged a peaceful demonstration which is their RIGHT. 

Yes, they have the RIGHT as AMERICAN CITIZENS no matter how much they make, no matter what their jobs are, no matter if they are poor and homeless or filthy rich living in a sky palace above some state. They have the right and I FOUGHT for it. 

Yes, as a veteran, since everyone wants to use that as the reason they hate all this, I fought for every Americans Constitutional Rights. I stand for the Anthem because I did fight for those rights. I did have brothers and sisters killed in wars that made other people rich while leaving many of those very brothers and sisters forever wounded both physically and mentally depending on a system (The VA) that is so flawed I have yet to file my claim 2 years after I retired.

 Where is the outrage by the way? OH yea it isn’t a bunch of rich black spoiled idiots so who gives a damn about that VA system.

 I served so that the Nazi’s could have their lawful rally (provided they got the permit to do so) without them fearing physical attack. Yes, people have the right to counter-protest they don’t have the right to attack them physically no matter how much they may hate the speech. I served so that some white confederate flag waving kid could walk into a black church execute 9 people and still get a fair trail as dictated by our laws.

 I served so that a police officer would have to answer for his/her actions when it comes to the death of another person under his/her care no matter the race of the officer or the person. I served for some guy to overuse his 2nd amendment right and carry a damn AK47 on his shoulder because the laws in the state he is in says it is within his/her right. Equality is our right. EVERYONE’s RIGHT. 

It truly breaks my heart to see people not even try to understand the why. Why are so many people of a demographic, a race, a sexual orientation so upset. What can we do as a nation to right a wrong? 

We live in a country where the son of a rich man can be convicted of rape and given 6 months of probation. While someone without the means for expensive counsel would get 30 years for the same crime. 

We live in a country where it is OK to tell blacks to “get out” and “go back to Africa” but it isn’t OK for those same blacks to protest the injustices laid against them.

 We live in a country where we will force deport people, break up their families and destroy lives because they are Mexican but have no problem with bringing in foreign athletes who defect from their countries simply because they can play ball. I could go on forever but that isn’t needed. 

The point is this, maybe you don’t like that these men (not son’s of bitches) are using their respective platforms to force us to do what we are doing now. Start the conversations, challenge the system and make us deal with this bullshit underline racial divide. They use their platfom for those who don’t have the money or the ability to do so. 

If you dislike that then I guess you will no longer be supporting JJ Watt who used his platform to raise of 40 million (I think) dollars for Houston relief. That would be stupid of us to not support just like it is stupid of us to think that Americans should shut up and color because the government (this case the President) has stepped in and told them to sit, shut up and dance.

 No, that is not America. That is not what I fought for and that is not what I will stand quietly by and watch. 

In the end, sports is business and a business will succeed or fail. But as long as their are people there will always be a need to watch men and women compete. Don’t fool yourselves. As many of the players have learned to do isn’t it time we stood in unity for equality than this nonsense of telling people they don’t have the right to do something that they in fact have the right to do. 

Make American Great! Not Again, because looking back it wasn’t great for everyone which means it wasn’t great. Anyway, just a thought.

Thank you Sean for your service, bravery, and willingness to say what was and is needed. Our country needs to heal. 

We need to learn the lesson and vow to never repeat it, just as Germany courageously has done. 

A country divided will never thrive. A county divided should not fear destruction from the efforts of outsiders. It will be our on undoing, from within!


Earlier today I posted a photo on social media of an article I read that tore at my heart. It’s a small highlight of the devastating reality caused by this new administration’s quest at mass deportation as the best stab at immigration reform. 

This article tells the story of a family living in Texas who faced one of the scariest moments of their life, watching their child suffer in need of medical care—just to face arrest from Border Patrol officers who were notified by the hospital that two non-citizen immigrants needed permission to go through a check point (where they are checking for illegal immigrants) so they can go to a hospital three hours away. The infant, a U.S. citizen, has a life-threatening condition and this other hospital can perform the operation. When you read what unfolded and how this family was treated how do you feel inside? What thoughts do you have?

I would like to say to those of you who provide the blanket response “but it’s legal” or “the officers were doing their job“: 

When we make excuses for unethical behavior those excuses become the layers that reinforce this toxic environment that is killing this nation from within. 

When we say “it’s legal” or “it was their job” we then should ask:

  • but is it ethical? 
  • Is it right? 
  • Is it fair? 
  • Is it humane? 
  • Would I want that done to me? 

The excuses of legality and doing one’s job has been used for decades to support racism, classism, sexism, discrimination, mass incarceration, slavery, lynching, murder, torture, and more. 

We hypocritically apply these excuses when they serve our beliefs, values, or needs. But then we’re outraged when the roles are reversed and someone that we feel should be punished and “locked up” isn’t because the government says they were “doing their job” or what they did was “legal”. 

Safe zones are no longer safe zones under this new Administration. Schools, hospitals, churches, and other designated areas were off limits for ICE under the last Administration. We shouldn’t have to outline a square footage parameter outside of the safe zones as designated “okay to apprehend” zones. Unethical people will still bend the rules and claim that they were outside the safe zone space, so the arrest is “legal”. 

Imagine being arrested while dropping your daughter off at school or at the hospital where she’s facing a life threatening emergency. 

Our nationalistic approach of “Americanism” should never ever ever outweigh the most important title and role in this world…”Human“. 

We must do better. 

We must stop being so cold, callous, and arrogant yet expect respect, admiration, support, sympathy and empathy from the rest of the world. 

We must stop crying foul only when an American life is on the line but then be dismissive of non-Americans. We must stop acting as though the rules only apply to us when we say that they do. 

We must end this toxic cycle if we are to heal, rebuild, and grow. Or we will destroy this nation from within and we can blame every outsider if we want, but the facts will clearly show that our demise will be our doing alone. We can’t possibly mean it when we say “God bless America” if we’re excluding groups of people that help build this country and our economy, and make it the greatest nation on the planet. 

My next post will delve deeper into this topic to hopefully advance a greater and healthier discussion. We must do better! 
Source: NPR (Sept. 20, 2017)

OK so I had a 10 to 15 minute pity party earlier today.

 I needed to let what was bubbling up to pour out so I could carry around less. 

It’s ok….

Cry. Boo hoo. Shake it off. Get your head back in the game. It’s ok to allow your self to feel. It’s ok to cry and even scream. Let it out. It’s cleansing. 

Control your emotions don’t let them control you. Lack of emotions is toxic. Find your center, your balance. Breathe. 

Remember that someone has it WAY worse than you. Hence why I don’t allow myself to have long pity parties. 


I saw this quote from Gordana Biernat a few days ago on Twitter and it resonated with me… 

Many people are held back from greatness because they believe that someone else is responsible for their setbacks or think that someone is the key to getting them where they need to be. 

The reality is, we are ultimately responsible for our successes and failures. We are responsible for seizing a moment or sabotaging one. 

This is not to say that someone with greater power and influence cannot block your path, stab you in your back, disenfranchise you. That too is true. But when and for how long do you fight back and look for other options and opportunities? If you never do then how can you expect positive change? When do you learn the rules and start using the game to flip things in your favor? The game is over only when we give up. But if you never even made an attempt, then what do you have to say for yourself? You can’t possibly know what “could’ve been” because you never really tried. 

I know what it’s like to have someone sabotage your dreams and goals. But why in the world would I give them all of my power by giving up my pursuit of what I want most in life? They may have thrown a wrench in my plan but they don’t determine my destiny. My reality is what I make it, what I concede to. I’ve learned to go back to the drawing board, rethink the strategy and reassess my resources, and then try again. 

I can say that I also know what it feels like to have someone use you for your skills and “brilliance”—where you step away from your path to help someone with theirs—or you’re just walking on your path and one day find them hanging on. I know what it feels like to have human leaches hanging on in hopes that the ride will get them to their desired destination, or close enough. 

Hitching your wagon onto someone else is not the best plan for success. That horse will stop walking. Eventually it will buck. It will just be you and your wagon. Stuck. 

There’s a difference between getting help—a boost, a sling—and then there’s blatantly relying on someone else to get you to your version of the promised land. 

Your success should not be tied to another person’s efforts or vision. What is in their life plan is for them. What is in your plan is for you. Your reality changes based off of your actions or lack thereof—don’t place expectations upon others. Your ability to identify their genius does not grant you the right to tap into it and milk it for what it’s worth—especially if in return you aren’t compensating them what their worth. 

Collaborations are one thing. Latching on to someone as though they will rescue you is something entirely different. There’s a sense of equality in the former and imbalance in the latter. Collaborations are about all parties giving. Latching on is about you taking. Collaboration is your active participation in changing your reality. Latching on to someone else is about you manipulating them so that they can hopefully change your reality. 

Every day you need to be actively pursuing ideas and opportunities that allow you to use your strongest skills to perform work that will positively change your reality. You have to put in the work—not expect someone else to do the work for you to enable you, so that you get what you want.

Change requires you to deliberately act. It starts and ends with you. Good or bad. Slow or fast. Bumpy or smooth. Your efforts. No one else’s. 

Thank you Gordana for this quote on change and for the inspiration of this post. 


We can learn a lot from spiders (even though they gross me out BIG time).

Here are three photos taken over two days. 

This last one was from last night and although it freaked me out it also amazed me. For almost one week now I’ve seen this spider working hard. 

Every night this HUGE spider comes out, sets its trap, and hunts. When the sun shines each day I notice that the web gets knocked down as a car exits. 

Around midnight the spider starts all over again. It doesn’t give up and say “I’m not hunting anymore” because it needs food to survive. It just focuses on its night time job…day after day. 

Imagine having this life. 

Imagine every day seeing what you created destroyed and having to start all over again. 

Be grateful you’re not a spider. 

At the same time consider focusing your mind and activities like one.