1. Hello! Would love to meet you and chat about relationship. My last name is Foreman from my father and grandfather and my grandmother second husband name is Bryant. What are the odds of having both of your names and not be related somewhere. My roots are from North Carolina and my grandmother gave birth to 13 children . I would like to chat with you about this. Also, the spelling of your name is exactly the same as mine. Also, I just finish listening to your husband on financial literacy and love it!!! Perhaps we can talk 😜

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments. It is interesting that we share last names. The name Bryant (on my side), isn’t my husband’s given last name. He changed his name legally in 2010 to Bryant (which was initially his middle name). So I know that there isn’t any relation there. As far as the Foreman side of the family (my father’s side), I’m not really sure of the particulars other than his father was from Kansas and was one of 6-7 children, where the 3 boys all went into the armed services. But there’s no telling, you and I could quite possibly be related. It’s nice meeting you here!

  2. Hello Natasha,
    I just witnessed an interview that was performed by your husband and Dr. Boyce Watkins. My life is forever changed. I listened to that thirty-minute interview eight times so I could write down every word your husband spoke. His words have inspired me to move and things done for me and my family. I will share that interview on my Facebook page. I’m ordering all of your husband’s books as an early Mother’s Day present for myself. Tell him thank you and God bless you and him. Trae Booker

  3. Hello Natasha, I wanted to say hello since I stop by your blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello you and your husband are very inspirational… thank you for everything you guys do!

  5. Hi Natasha,

    Thought I’d say hello since I was on your page. I came across your husbands work with Operation Hope a few years ago when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur. I launched my tech enabled startup company FemmeNoire International with the intention of changing the way women spend, save, and invest…using the beauty industry as the vehicle to engage in this conversation.

    It hasn’t been easy trying to be both the Doctor and Patient when attempting to solve this problem for myself as well as others, but it was the journey I needed to have so I could document it and show others that will follow me, that my path wasn’t a well laid out yellow brick road, but rather an unpaved route that I created myself.

    I believe in the message you and your husband are spreading regarding our community’s potential to be prosperous by doubling down on positivity, mentorship, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

    I’m betting on our paths crossing one day, so continue doing the great work, and I will look forward to further insights and new milestones from you both regarding this important call to action.

    -Whitney Lubin

  6. Hello, Natasha! Thankyou so much for that lovely comment! I never thought of it in that way! And you’re just so right! Everything you said, was something I should have realized but I guess, I’m just still learning! Thankyou so much! You really opened my eyes! Thankyou, really!

  7. Good morning Natasha! My husband introduced me to yours through the many recordings that he has produced. After listening to several of them I began “following” then purchased the book, “The Memo.” I love to here positive, motivational, informative messages of information that provides “our people” and all people with the tools to change, improve and encourage “growth” in there lives. I have come to the website to read about John (personal & professional) and learn more about the services his organization provides. You are a lovely person on the outside and I’m sure just as smart & beautiful on the inside.

    1. Thank you Rhonda for your kind words and support. Although John is now my ex-husband (as of March 2017), I can attest to his great work, inspiring messages, and the resources that he shares to help level the playing field for so many people. I’m sure he would be pleased to know that you and your husband are supporters. Thank you for the compliments. I truly appreciate them and you. May you always be blessed, and be a blessing to others!

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