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I’m passionate about the work that I do for a living. I’m a management and professional development consultant, professor, author, blogger, and podcaster. I was born and nurtured to be an educator. I’ve enjoyed the chaotic entrepreneurial life and always wanted to be an educator and author, since I was a child—  and I intend to continue doing so for the rest of my life. Read below to learn more about my professional world, and maybe you can work with me and learn with me!


A consulting and professional development services firm we have a passion for working with companies and teams who are interested in improving in the following areas:

  • Human Talent/Capital
    • ​Organization Design
    • Talent Management
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Culture & Change
  • Service Operations
    • ​Customer experience & operations
    • Productivity & performance
    • Scale through transformational change
  • Planning, Implementation, and Controlling
    • ​Strategic, Tactical & Operational
    • ​Executive Transitions
    • Risk, Crisis & Compliance
  • Improving Systems, Functions, and Performance
  • Restructuring and Full-scale Turnarounds​​ ​​

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My Life in Higher Education


I love teaching. I love seeing that ‘light bulb’ turn on when my students finally understand a concept or solve an issue. I love hearing them excitedly share stories of how they applied what they learned in my class in their personal or professional lives. When they see the relevance and applicability of the lessons being taught, they are more engaged in the class.

Purdue University Global

I teach an Introduction to Management class at Purdue University Global. I love this subject because it connects with the work that I do at Foreman & Associates, LLC. My students learn from day one that they are managers, even if they don’t have the fancy title. They have to manage their lives and households, long before they are recognized and promoted into a position at a job. Having that self-appreciation and then realizing that even the CEO of the company where they work is also a manager, helps them to understand how management plays a vital role in every aspect of life.

It is a high intensity, fast-paced course, but they leave after 10 weeks with more knowledge and definitely more applied wisdom than ever. They see organizations of all kinds differently. They see governments differently. They can now identify poor versus efficacious management, and they can see how they can best serve an organization. That brings me joy!

Atlanta Technical College

When I first moved to Atlanta in 2007 I noticed Atlanta Tech and the emerging, untapped community where it’s located, and I told myself that one day I would teach there, mentoring and educating positive change agents who would build up that same community. I claimed my reality!

I teach Principles of Management, Human Resources Management, and Business Ethics classes at Atlanta Tech. The classes are awesome because my students are constantly letting me know how they have applied what they learned in class. As the weeks progress, they can assess the companies and managers where they currently work, or where they used to work. They also begin to see the type of manager and leader that they already are, they learn more about their personalities, and how they can enhance their strengths and turn their weaknesses into positive placeholders (not obsessed with trying to fix them, but also not allowing them to be the glaring ‘red flag’).

I work to help them see the importance of embracing the unknowns of change, making significant contributions to and through their organizations, and being highly engaged workers. Most of my students desire to have a managerial position or own their company. They find out early on that I don’t do “easy A” classes, and that management issues don’t have quick fix solutions like you see on television. It doesn’t take long before they are hooked. I love seeing them each week. I love seeing students rushing in excited to learn something new and excited to test things out at work.

Emory University

I previously co-taught a class with Dr. Sam Cherribi, on Economic Development in Africa (EDIA). I love watching the growth of the students. It is important to me that we break down stereotypes, propaganda and misinformation, and get students to see through multiple lenses, not just their own. It’s also important that they see and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to development, especially in Africa.

When they enter the class on day one, they are absolutely clueless about economic development, and many are clueless about Africa. When they leave, they are more knowledgeable about development and Africa than the vast majority of the nation–they are also charged and empowered to be change agents right now. For me, this is priceless. I love what I do.

I love my life!

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