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Breaking Bread With Natasha is where I share inspirational messages with the world inspired by the word of the Bible.

I even have an option where you can listen to me share the scripture, reflection, and prayer. So you can read it or listen. Don’t you love choices?

Come break bread with me!


Foreman & Associates, LLC Founded in 2011, we provide consulting and professional development services for businesses and individuals. Please visit our blog to read about company updates, industry happenings, and various topics that might pique your interest: Foreman & Associates Blog


Paradigm Life discusses various topics surrounding business, activism, politics, philanthropy, health and fitness, and more. It’s not about senseless gossip—but rather addressing issues that affect and impact all of us, whether we realize it or not. The goal of Paradigm Life is for all of us to have some type of positive take-away from our time together. So join me today!

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