Choices: Violence or Nonviolence

By Natasha Foreman Bryant, MBA
 Every day we must make a conscious decision to either be violent or nonviolent. We choose to “go off” on someone verbally or physically. We choose to have road rage. We choose to allow that road rage to escalate to physical violence.
 We choose to load the bullets, draw the gun and pull the trigger. We choose to swing that bat or 2×4 at someone’s body or property. We choose to strike that match or land that punch. We choose to throw that rock. We choose to kick someone while they are down. We choose to stab someone.
 We choose to join a group of people to jump one or more other people. We choose to riot. We choose to destroy private and public property. We choose to give in to our insecurities. We choose to live with rage.
 We choose!
 We can also choose to walk away and calm down. We can choose to apologize and try to make amends. We can choose to squash conflict, that “beef” we have with someone, and just let bygones be bygones. We can choose peace. We can choose freedom over jail or death.
 We choose!
 What choices will you make?
 Copyright 2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. All Rights Reserved.

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