Putting on my Professor Hat: Special News From Natasha

Happy Saturday!

It’s been an awesomely jam-packed week, and I have two more announcements to share with all of you:

Connecting Theory With Application
I am honored to announce that I now serve as an Adjunct Professor teaching “Economic Development in Africa” at Emory University, and “Intro to Management” at Kaplan University.

Emory University
My first class at Emory was August 28th and I am thrilled to be co-teaching with Dr. Sam Cherribi, a brilliant professor, researcher, and leader. We’re tag-teaming in a three-hour class once a week, and so far it’s been awesome. The students love it too! I love the subject matter and the campus is breathtaking. What an awesome environment to learn, share and grow.

What is even more awesome is that I’m reconnecting my passion for Africa, the work I used to do there in the 90s, and my efforts to resume work there. To me it’s a sign of what’s coming my way, and boy I’m excited!

Kaplan University
Right now I’m going through my training and immersion into the culture of Kaplan, but now on the instructor side. See, years ago I graduated from Kaplan’s School of Business and Management, earning my MBA with a specialization in Marketing.

More About My History With Kaplan
I chose Kaplan’s MBA program because I needed a school that could travel with me (online) but give me the intense courses and workload that I needed to sharpen my skills and develop new ones. I wasn’t going to twiddle my thumbs on the super long waiting list at my alma mater, CSU Long Beach. No offense to CSULB, their waiting list is a testament to the strength, depth, and impact of the business school and the university. I just knew that if I didn’t move quickly I wouldn’t pursue and accomplish my goal, so I kept looking.

Since there were only a few brick and mortar schools that offered online programs, I ran with Kaplan. I was familiar with their name and brand, and their program looked interesting and challenging. Another bonus was and is, Kaplan University professors are subject matter experts who teach about the fields in which they work. They don’t just teach what they read, they teach what they know, do, and experience. They bring theory and application together in one setting.

I definitely earned my MBA degree through Kaplan. Some of those classes were painful, but in a good way! I was able to take what I was doing through my company (at the time), G4 Consulting Group, and learn the theories and laws behind what made things work in business, and how to make good work better. I also learned how to work on teams, rely upon team members, work around distance and time zones, work virtually, and work with difficult people.

Here I am several years later with an opportunity to give back to the Kaplan community that I admire, now as a professor. How awesome is that?!?

I begin teaching my first online class at Kaplan next quarter. Unlike my class at Emory, I will be the only instructor navigating the class and it will be in the super fast-paced online world. What’s so awesome is that I will be teaching students from all around the world one of my favorite subjects, and at my alma mater!

Okay folks, that’s all of my announcements for now. I will wait to send you reminders in about two weeks that my birthday is October 27th! Smile.

Thank you for the continued love, encouragement, and support. I’ve got to go because I have a lot of work to do. Have an awesome weekend!

Warmest wishes and hugs,




  1. Natasha,
    Ron and I are so proud and excited about your new endeavors! Your teaching jobs are awesome and what a perfect fit! Congratulations Professor Bryant!
    We love you!
    Sandy & Ron

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