My Experience on the 10-day Blood Sugar Detox and How Personal Trainers can Best Serve Clients

By Natasha Foreman Bryant, MBA, CFT

Below you will find my notes that I shared with a seasoned personal fitness instructor (and master trainer), who also happens to be my beloved sister-in-law.

I convinced her to try the 10-Day Blood Sugar Detox created by Dr. Mark Hyman, because I knew that she would benefit and would see the immediate need for her clients to take part in this amazing journey. I was right, my fitness guru sister-in-law absolutely loves the detox and is introducing it to her clients.

My notes below are my recommendations and experiences that I shared with her and hopefully they will also benefit you.

If you have any questions specifically for me about my detox experience or recommendations, please email me at

My Notes
1. Why 10 Days Minimum is a Must:

The reason I strongly recommend the full 10 days is because it takes 5 days for your body to start adjusting to detox but it’s very easy to backslide at day 5. By day 7 you’re feeling confident, but only in 10 days can you truly reach that point physically, mentally, and emotionally where you know you could take his 90-day challenge.

2. Why the Supplements Dr. Hyman Recommends are Key:

The supplements are very helpful, especially the PGX. Oh my goodness it’s amazing. I got it at Vitamin Shoppe but it’s also available at Whole Foods and online. That’s the fiber that is needed, as well as the inhibitor of insulin spikes. If you and your clients don’t use any of the other supplements, I strongly recommend the PGX. It is the most vital.

3. The Smoothie Recipes Found in the Book:

I only really liked 2-3 of the smoothies. So that’s what I rolled with the entire time, making sure to soak my seeds and nuts over night for the best enzyme release and absorption.

4. My Other Recommendations That Support Dr. Hyman’s Detox:

I also strongly recommend…

A) the detox bath: not only relaxing the muscles but pulling the impurities from inside out,

B) journaling: it’s amazing to track your journey while also seeing how you address things,

C) meditation and tech timeouts: mentally disconnecting from the noise of the world also helps us see our sugar and gluten triggers, stress points us towards caffeine and sugar—big no no’s!

D) glucose monitor: seeing what foods spike insulin helps you stay away from those foods or eat in moderation, and the

E) medical testing: foods, supplements & metals have different impact on people. What works for some may not work for all. Additionally, it’s best to know what’s going on inside of our bodies so we can then see how clean food helps to heal us.

My Discoveries and Opinions

One thing I found is that everything is very scientific and systematic in his detox. You can’t eat basic and adventure meals on the same day, or you will have an overload in one of the fat, carb, protein categories. You can also spike your insulin and then not know what triggered it.

Also if someone has thyroid issues kale, spinach, cabbage, and strawberries are thyroid blockers—so knowing this helps when modifying his recipes. Also what we think is “healthy” for us, unless non-starchy veggies, can actually be triggering insulin spikes which is counter-productive.

Additionally, “healthy” food can also be poison to our body if we’re allergic to it, so I strongly recommend a food allergy test which is what I’m about to take. That way we can focus on eating the food that heals us, rather than stuffing our faces with foods that harm us—yes, even healthy food. No one wants to find out they’re allergic to strawberries once their throat starts to close up!

My Progress

I lost 10 pounds so far. I made it all the way to day 70 of 90 days before I slipped up. That Paris trip got me. But I will take that. I know how to cycle back on.

Final Notes

It’s important to know that if you reintroduce sugar and gluten back in your diet that you have to detox again (for a lot longer) to flush it out.

Those 10 initial detox days are crucial to reprogramming our minds. But as he makes clear, we don’t have the will power we think we do so we have to work hard at steering clear of our triggers.

The hardest part is eating out. You basically have to tell the restaurant that you’re allergic to gluten and call ahead of time before going there to make sure.

My body causes me so much pain now whenever I consume sugar or gluten. I get the worst headaches and stomach aches because now I clearly can tell my body is inflamed and fighting back. But you have to go 10+ days detoxing to get your body to speak to you like that. Anything less than 10 days won’t do it.

I’m going to introduce the 10-Day Blood Sugar Detox to my Paradigm Life Fitness clients, family members, friends, and associates. I have already gifted the book to four people (and convinced two others to buy it) and I intend to keep giving this amazing gift to as many people as I can.

Here’s to wellness, not prescriptions!!!!

Wishing you the best in health and wellness,


Copyright 2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Paradigm Life Fitness, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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