Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother, Gwen Foreman

Words cannot truly and fully express the way I feel about my mom. There’s not another woman in the world like her.

Her strength cannot be weighed. Her courage cannot be measured. Her determination is endless. Her caring and love is limitless. She’s truly a giver. She gives with absolutely no expectation of others. She does not harp upon or remind you of her giving. Once it’s done she simply moves forward with another loving act for you or someone else.

My mom’s selflessness is beautiful, yet there are times I agonize over how much she does for others and it goes unappreciated. I would and will do anything in the world to stand in support beside this great woman. She’s never stopped believing in me and my sister, and I will never stop believing and trusting in her. My mom loves her daughters, her family, unconditionally. Our cup truly overflows with her love and care.

She sees a silver lining when others just see doom and gloom clouds. When others spew negativity, my mom combats the words with positivity and hope. I don’t know where I would be or what I would do without my mom. God knew exactly what He was doing when He entrusted her with me and my sister. He knew the sacrifices she would make, the lessons she would teach, how she would keep us connected to Him, and that she would never ever ever curse us or turn her backs on us.
God knew that His daughter Gwen would spend each day lifting her children up praising His name, rather than waste moments tearing us down disrespecting Him and His image. I love, respect, value, and care so deeply for my mother. I live each day to honor God and my human father and mother. The three of them had a talk 41 years ago, and none of them have reneged on their agreement.

I’m blessed to have Gwen Foreman as my mom and #1 supporter. I love you mom!! 
Copyright 2016. Natasha Foreman Bryant. All Rights Reserved. 

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