How to Help the People of Haiti

The Weather Channel interviewed and compiled an informative list of nonprofits that we can contact about donating food, water, supplies, and money, to help Haitians impacted by Hurricane Matthew. 

Six years after being clobbered by a devastating earthquake that killed and destroyed countless families throughout the country, now they have been hit with the biggest storm to hit the island since 1954.

Doctors are concerned about a cholera outbreak. Their water supply will most definitely be contaminated by the flood water that overtakes it.

Unlike the US (except their island-based states and territories) and other countries with large land mass, Haiti and other island countries and territories don’t have a quick getaway path— as they are surrounded by water. 

In the US we tell our mainland residents to evacuate and head to areas away from the coastal area. But just like our Haitian brothers and sisters, the US has to sit, watch and pray, for our families in Hawaii, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and other island areas, when they face natural disasters. 

Given ample time, the wealthy and the well-connected can flee to safety. But even with ample time, the poor and struggling are left behind to face an uncertain fate. 

With Hurricane Matthew destroying property and lives, those of us who are sitting by watching the devastation from our TV, computer, or mobile device—should do something to help. There are other humans on the other side of those devices we’re staring at. There are families and yes, even pets, who are scared and possibly injured. 

Will you skip your favorite coffee shop and fast food restaurant for a few days,  take that money and donate it to one of these reputable nonprofit organizations, who are on the ground right now in Haiti? 

Or you can take the money, buy the much-needed supplies, and then drop off or ship them to one or more of these charities. You have a choice, and hopefully for the thousands of lives impacted by yet another disaster, you will choose to give rather than sit by and watch in awe. This isn’t a Hollywood movie folks!

Here’s the link to find out more about how to help:

With love,


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