No Parent Should Have to Bury Their Child

It breaks my heart to hear about children dying at the hands of others. I was watching the news last night and I saw the story of Marques Montgomery, a student-athlete and leader at Benjamin May High School. Marques played his last football game last Friday. He was excited about life and was captivated by football. He was already anticipating next year’s season and even told his coach that he would play whatever position that he could; it didn’t matter to him as long as he was on the field. Who would have known that 72 hours later, Marques would be killed—by his cousin—a senseless murder; another bright light taken too soon.

To see the mural and memorials that were created in honor of Marques, brought me to tears. To see the notes left by classmates, to hear the beautiful stories shared by his classmates, and to see the positive impact that Marques had on his school–I couldn’t contain myself. This is an absolute tragedy.

I found the Go Fund Me profile that was created to help with Marques’ funeral costs, and I made a donation. Please consider donating. Every bit helps.

No parent is ever prepared to bury their child. No parent is ever prepared to pick a casket, a plot, flowers, a funeral program, and pallbearers. No parent is ever prepared to the void that will be there throughout their own life. Please help take this particular burden off of his family. Please donate here: 

Thank you.


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