Happy Birthday to My Paternal Grandmother, I Know She’s Smiling and Celebrating Too!

I miss her so much, but I know she’s with me always.

I can hear her voice, the songs she would sing, that contagious laugh, those declarations of God’s Truth.

I can see her smile—through her eyes, so bright and beautiful that it kisses your soul.

Today is my paternal grandmother’s birthday and rather than mourn that she isn’t a phone call away, I will celebrate that she is only a “I love you Mama” away.

I may not hear her voice reply but I always feel her presence. The reassuring presence that she is not dead, she’s just not here—transitioned to her next job, promoted to better and greater, to improve upon the skills she acquired here.

She is not at that grave site.

That is merely a shell.

She is with me. Where I go she can be there. We couldn’t do that before but now we can.


Treasure those moments that you have with loved ones. Visit them, call them, write them, send them flowers while they are still here.

My grandmother loved receiving cards, letters, flowers, chocolate, and gifts from me. It let her know she was always on my mind. I loved surprising her and flying to LA and ringing her doorbell, and seeing her face.

Such a blessing.

I enjoyed every second that I got to spend the 41 years with my grandmother.

I proudly carry her torch and I will do my best to represent her…but I can’t guarantee that I will always have on pantyhose Mama! (she was old school when it came to ladies wearing pantyhose) but I can guarantee that I will keep this hair dyed and laid just like you taught me😂

Happy birthday Dorrisene Newton Foreman.

I love you!!! 😘

Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant/ Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Very good piece honoring your ‘paternal’ grandmother. I too am a paternal granny, and I appreciate when I am recognized by my girls. For those of us who may feel that we don’t receive the honor that the ‘maternal’ ones get, don’t be bitter, jealous or any of these things. Just let your own light shine and you will get your own props. Nice read young Nataha.

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