Happy 23 years +20 something more Markeith!

On March 20th my Storiboard Nation business partner, Markeith Wood, turned a year older and wiser.

How old is he?

Well he’s been a rebel around these parts for 23 years plus an additional 20-plus plus plus more. I will leave it at that 😆

His mind and spirit is still as sharp determined, and energized as any 23-year-old I’ve ever known—and so I hope that he celebrates accordingly this week, this month, and this year.

Check him out in 2016 showing the youngsters and the “old heads” how he flows.

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#sogonechallenge # Markeith73

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If you’re on IG or Twitter be sure to follow him and wish him a happy birthday at @Markeith73

If you live in Virginia or will be stopping through, be sure to support his project, Sole Xpressions, that he is collaborating on with some powerhouse movers and shakers, as they focus on empowering and inspiring our younger generations. They have an event tomorrow and will have more lined up.

Happy birthday man! ✌🏽


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