Thought of the Day: Mom is MVP but Dad is MIP

I read this post (featured below) earlier today. It was written and shared by the amazing Dr. Alduan Tartt. It’s about his daughters and his wife, and it’s a message to the men and those raising young boys to be men.

It hit home with me because I understand the importance of having a father actively and passionately involved in your life, as a child and throughout adulthood. I also know that whatever man that I start a family with needs to stand firmly in his role, as Dr. Tartt shares in this post, and I will do my best to support him in his role so that he never feels overwhelmed, weakened, unvalued, unappreciated or under-appreciated.

I share today’s message with all of you so that you might ingest and embrace Dr. Tartt’s powerful message, and share it with others. We need more men stepping up to be MIPs and we need more women as MVPs to allow and support men to serve as MIPs!

Thank you Dr. Tartt for these profound and loving words!

It’s a picture of Dr. Tartt’s youngest daughter wearing a Wonder Woman costume…

“Well…go ahead and take over the world then Supergirl! I realize as a dad that I have keep my Spirit high to pour into my ladies (wife and 2 daughters) because it makes a huge difference.

Today was superhero day at daycare and Trinity just decided to pose and make me take a picture by sitting on this rock versus walking in so daddy could beat some traffic. Parents of multiple kids and those of you with siblings…you know how kids can be as different as night and day.

This girl has her own mind and is unapologetic at 2 years old. I wish I could say it is a phase but this girl has the power of her mother and father and the strong women in both of our families. That is why I am so comfortable with strong women…they raised me and I am surrounded by them in my family on both sides. I pray over her when I take her to school and she loves it. I’ll tape it next time.

Here’s the message, DADS have a HUGE influence on daughter’s self-concept and development (even more than mom’s per the research). That doesn’t mean dads do more (what a joke) but it does mean that the positivity and presence of the man in her life determines a lot.

For the most part, all moms are the MVP’s. This is certainly true in our house. I sit on the bench a lot and let the girls tell me what to do.

However, the M.I.P (most important person) is the dad because his absence is damaging to her self-esteem. Dads, empower your daughters with TIME not just working. This culture is mean to girls and they will need every piece of armor (love, confidence, assurance, attention, fearlessness, character, God-loving, boldness, compassion, standards, etc.) to survive and thrive!

Men, Let’s love out rockstar wives @meccamooretartt and empower our sons (someone has to marry my girls) and daughters to be strong, loving and kind. After all, every super girl deserves a superman!

Rappers (unless it is Christian rap), drug dealers, thugs, players, insecure boys, lazy boys, etc. need not apply! Lol.

Shout out to all the awesome parents this inspires and describes! God Bless! Proverbs 22:6- Train up a child in the way S/he should go; and when S/he is old,S/he will not depart from it.”



Copyright 2018. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved.


  1. Thanks for sharing this message. It was very detail. It even cover the emotional and spiritual. There are several stats that support what the male presence means to a family.

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