Happy 94th Birthday Poppa

Today would be my maternal grandfather, Elisberry Stephens’, 94th birthday.

Happy birthday Poppa!

My grandfather is an amazing example, for me, of a person who was always a blessing to others. My grandfather taught through example what it meant to be hardworking, dependable, honorable, forgiving, grateful and gracious. He gave of himself every day in every way, even when people took advantage of him, and even when people didn’t show or express their gratitude for all that he did for them—-he never stopped giving.

He took his last breath after spending a day giving to and blessing someone else. A day that he was supposed to be relaxing and recharging, he instead was being a help to someone else. What a man he was and what a man he still is. I can’t believe that it’s been 23 years since I last saw him and spoke to him. I keep him close to my heart and keep an image of him on my dashboard in my SUV. Every day that I see his picture my heart warms and I smile brightly. What an amazing man!

Happy birthday to my grandfather and to all of my friends and associates who also celebrate today as the day they entered this world. Additionally, I would like to say happy birthday to each and every one of you, even if we call each other strangers we are still siblings in Christ!

Last but not least, for those individuals who woke up on September 11, 2001 with goals, dreams, and visions on their mind that were cut short due to the evil plotting and planning of other people who felt the need to make a global statement so that others would share in their pain and frustration—I would like to say that I pray that the world never forgets you and that day, and that we never stop honoring those who died trying to help, those who died while praying, and those who died while seeking escape and refuge.

May your lives and your human deaths never be seen as lived and given in vain. May you live eternally in peace.



Copyright 2018. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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