I just read articles about the latest known updates on the COVID-19 CoronaVirus. The media reports what government officials and agencies give freely or leak back-door. So we have to know that what’s being reported isn’t everything. It’s not the whole truth. Not even half of the truth.

It’s the tip of the iceberg.

It’s the drizzle before the hurricane, the eeriness before the tornado, the tremor before the quake, the few crumbling rocks before the eruption or landslide.

Do you get my drift yet?

It’s Way Bigger

Don’t believe for one second that the CoronaVirus is just like a cold, and don’t believe the numbers of reported cases. It’s MUCH BIGGER than is being reported.

Governments just don’t want to create mass hysteria.

Do you remember how everyone acted when they thought all technology would crash January 1, 2000? Almost everyone was in panic about Y2K! Do you remember how stores were gutted and in the last few days of 1999 there were reports of violence—with people fighting in stores over food and stuff?

Magnify that hysteria times two or heck, times five. Especially if the masses begin to freak out about:

  • the odds of death within a week of exposure,
  • no vaccine,
  • lack of food and water,
  • no safe zones for the immune compromised, etc.,
  • not being able to travel because every continent is compromised.

And before I go any farther, let me say this to the person who’s saying, “this is only affecting Asians, I’m not Asian, and I can avoid being around Asians“.

That was the same flawed logic people took with SARS in 2004, and with Ebola. You might as well just isolate yourself and not be around people.

Folks, it’s not just Asians that traveled to and from Asian countries. You see that Italy is being clobbered. We saw it in 2002 with SARS. It spread like crazy in just a few months.

Everyone is at risk. So you can’t just say, “ah well I will just stay away from Asians” but then you’re sitting next to and chatting it up with the British guy who doesn’t tell you he was just in an Asian country, or hanging out with someone who was.

You can’t distinguish who has it or doesn’t based on their race, ethnicity, or nationality.

If they breathe and have contact with other people who breathe, then they are a risk factor.

What’s The Likelihood That This Isn’t SARS 2.0?

Do you think it’s a coinkydink that both SARS and COVID-19 are both coronaviruses that came from or was deposited in China? It’s just, unlike 2002, it has been said that some scientists in China are admitting they created or had samples of COVID-19 in their labs. But what other countries also had it? What if this is just a SARS 2.0 release, but on super villain steroids?

There’s been no known cases of transmission of SARS since 2004. Maybe, because whoever whipped up that batch went back to the lab and said, “well heck look what SARS did, imagine supersizing this bad boy!

Just a thought.

They Fear We Can’t Handle The Truth, And…

Government leaders around the world, including the U.S., aren’t rushing to tell you the TRUTH, and that they don’t have a clue what to do. They are sneakily telling state and federal agencies to prepare their operations, and to low-key alert schools and businesses on how to plan for worst-case scenarios, and the potential economic impact of adjusting or shutting down operations.

A Planned Weapon That Backfired

Because unlike Ebola, which scientists have been fighting for decades, or SARS, which hasn’t been active since 2004, the COVID-19 CoronaVirus is young, shiny, and brand new—straight from the lab without a backup if they screw up. It’s doing what it was created to do—kill humans.

This isn’t what they had planned for population control, or at least not right now, but it will score some points, now won’t it?!? Or maybe this is a multi-prong attack—population control, limit the growth of a new generation, weaken and destabilize the infrastructure of governments and economies, shift power decks for leverage of those who gain greater power, and slow down the progress of countries who were making big and bold innovative moves.

AND just like we saw from Ebola, it wasn’t just Africans who were exposed. The same was true about SARS seemingly being a Chinese and Asian problem. Even if it was a planned bioweapon to wipe out a lot of Asians. So you couldn’t just avoid certain people. And how did Ebola and SARS spread? Humans breathing, coughing, and sneezing around other humans. They were mobilized and basically weaponized thanks to contact through travel—planes, trains, and automobiles! Oh yeah and elevators!

When Ego, Pride & Greed Collab

Unfortunately for the United States, this is an election year, and some folks desperately want to hold on to their positions another four years. And they’re too self-absorbed and ignorant to realize that the best way to win re-election is to get ahead of the problem and show the public that you’re doing everything to protect them.

But, that’s too much like right.

Naw, we’re into finger-pointing and late night blame game tweets. We’re more focused on press conferences than cleaning up the cesspool we helped to create. That’s modern-day business and politics.

If it took this long for China to finally taken ownership for their role in this lab-created virus of war (possibly the second of many), and admit to delaying efforts of containment, you can guarantee that the US will ignorantly follow suit—all while pointing fingers the entire time at China. Even if it was the US that launched the weapon of mass destruction.

I mean, why would we ever think that the CoronaVirus would make its way to the US? Yes, I’m being snarky and sarcastic.

The virus was created and released in a country with more humans per square foot than anywhere else on the planet.

But heck, we didn’t plan and prepare for the ultimate arrival of our unwanted guest…

Coron A. Virus, Ph.D., ABC, andZ.

Yes, I just made light of it. I had to find some humor in this tragedy.

People created a virus to kill people, and I don’t the Chinese are saying “oops…we released this version too soon. We were supposed to release version 2.0 in a specific area some time around September but we had an oopsy daisy in our lab so the plan has been fast tracked a tad bit!” 🤷🏽‍♀️ This isn’t an app, it’s truly a weapon of mass destruction. And nobody has an off switch or another weapon to take it out. Also, if China wanted to launch this bioweapon, wouldn’t their primary target be the US, not themselves? It’s possible. Twisted but possible.

This is like the very first next-level fight, when one man decides to weaponize the fallen tree branch, or a huge rock.

Imagine the look on the face of the other dude who came to rumble with balled fists, and that’s all he has to fight with. How do you course correct?

Ego, pride, and greed are deadly sins with massive collateral damage.

What Leaders Should Do

What’s sad is that we would respect leaders more if they stepped up and did the right thing, the first time, not out of force or guilt.

Let’s be honest with ourselves—our federal government throwing $2 Billion at this problem is like spitting a mouthful of water at a forest fire. You clearly just want to say you did something.

If you owe $1800 on your past due bill, sending $2 isn’t going to stop the collection efforts.

Governments have a responsibility not only to the citizens and residents of their nation, but to the entire world. What affects one country affects all. We have a global economy that is fast tracked by nonstop flights, next day and two-day shipping, etc. We are always vulnerable to exposure, so we should respect that reality by doing our part to protect human life, not just some people’s lives.

Right now, our government is just crossing its fingers that a vaccine will be developed before they have to hit the airways with the TRUTH.

What You Should Do

I suggest that rather than operate out of fear, and become reactionary, finding yourself caught up in the panic and mass hysteria— just begin to gradually stock up on nonperishable items every week. Don’t go crazy and turn your home into an episode of the show “Extreme Couponing”.

But be realistic. You already know how people clear out stores when we get hit by bad weather or news of one of Nostradamus’s predictions on the horizon.

Then you’re left upset and irritated. It’s better to be prepared than be left feeling victimized. Then you will just join everyone else in the blame game.

There Are Lessons To Be Learned

Sadly, the world has to learn the hard lesson of why we shouldn’t play God. The COVID-19 CoronaVirus along with every other man-made virus/disease is what happens when people have a God complex and decide they want to control life and death. The masses have to suffer for the ego, pride, and greed of the few.

You and your families are all in my prayers and I hope that you have some loving prayers or thoughts for me and my family too!

God bless us all!


Copyright 2020.

I strongly recommend that you watch the NetFlix docu-series “Rotten“. Each episode addresses issues that should concern you, if you’re informed enough to understand the reason for concern.

Do you know where your food comes from?

Do you know what chemicals, antibiotics, and additives have been sprayed on or injected or mixed in your food?

Do you know if a local or overseas farmer grew and harvested your food, or if a prison inmate played a role?

Do you know the environment and health of the animals that you cook, plate and serve to your family?

Do you know how much farmers are earning on the food that you eat, compared to how much the large corporations that distribute and “bring to market” that same food?

Do you know why the rate of food allergies has skyrocketed over the last 20 years?

Do you know that avoidance of food may be increasing the rates of food allergies, and now scientists are strongly encouraging consumers to eat the peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, seafood, etc to reduce and possibly eliminate those allergies?

Do you know where your beloved garlic is coming from? It may say “a product of the US” when it actually came from China, and if already pre-peeled, it could have been peeled by Chinese prison inmates.

Did you know that although the US allows local prisons to use inmate labor to produce, assemble, and package goods (including your food) here, yet it refuses to accept imported food that was raised, grown, prepped, or packaged by foreign prison inmates? Same unethical practice, yet it’s like the hypocritical saying, “do as I say, not as I do“. So small local farmers in China and small local farmers in the United States are forced to compete with huge corporations who can outpace and outperform them.

Did you know that the honey you love, on and in just about everything, may not even be honey? It may very well be a syrup that is modified to resemble honey.

Did you know that a huge supply of our honey comes from China, squeezing out local beekeepers and fattening the pockets of large corporations that want to meet demand with supply—and with the US being the highest demand market, these corporations are cutting corners to make you think that it is actually honey that you pour in your tea, spread on your toast or biscuit, slather on your ham, or drizzle on whatever you can think of—when actually it is not.

Did you know that traditional dairy farmers are disappearing by the dozens? Many who are still around usually have one or more key players working an off-site job in order to pay household bills and help the farm cover operations costs.

Did you know that selling raw milk (straight from the cow not processed and pasteurized) is illegal in 15 US states and illegal to sell across state lines?

Yet some farmers continue to sell raw milk even though scientists show through research that the bacteria in raw milk causes illnesses and death. However, there is a growing demand for raw milk as the bacteria our bodies lost due to trying to eat and drink “cleaner”, is the bacteria in raw milk that can aide in healthier living. There are hundreds of people who claim that raw milk reduces and prevents allergies and ear infections. Many argue that you can’t compare raw milk production of the 1800s to the production from today’s raw milk farmers.

Those who have gotten sick and the family members of those who have died from raw milk consumption, would argue otherwise.

This will of course be an ongoing debate.

Why are farmers being forced to pay high costs to be certified “organic”, when we know the positive impact on humankind? Why do consumers have to pay a premium for “organic” but can get low-quality for cheap?

Do you know if the fish and seafood that you are eating is really what it says on the label?

Do you know if it is fresh or if it has been frozen, thawed, and refrozen upwards of 6 times before you purchase and take it to your home?

Do you know if the fish and seafood that you’re eating was farm-raised or caught in the wild? Do you know if it’s from domestic or foreign waters?

Sadly, for most of us we will never know. Because unless you go directly to the docks and pick your fish and seafood directly from the fisherman’s wharf or boat, you end up with a lot of unknowns.

Here’s the trailer to the documentary just in case you want a sneak peek…or in case my words aren’t enough motivation:


With various industries, such as garlic, being self-regulated not government-regulated, corruption is hard to fight. Then again, with some politicians and governments accepting bribes from corporations, even government-regulated industries and markets are plagued by corruption.

Everyone needs training and career-long development in ETHICS! We should be doing what’s right not just what’s profitable, because when your focus is on the former the latter will happen.

Greed has destabilized and pimped our food industries, and the consumers are the victims. Small domestic and foreign farmers are victims, as they can’t fairly compete with large domestic and multinational corporations.

Watch the Netflix series “Rotten“, educate yourself, and encourage others to do the same. Knowledge and use of that knowledge is power.