A few hours ago I made a pact with a dear friend of mine. I challenged us to both step away from social media for the summer, to only engage when it has something to do with family, and specific Facebook groups that we are members of—and our participation is necessary.

Of course, my blog posts automatically publish on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—so people will still feel connected with me for those brief daily moments, but I won’t be actively engaging through these platforms. No more wasting precious minutes and hours. I’m reclaiming my time!

See…my friend and I are women on a mission, with a purpose and passion that can no longer remain on the back burner, waiting in neutral, idling on the sidelines—nope, we have to press our feet down on the throttle and let things roll. So we are freeing ourselves of distractions, which includes are biggest distractions—IG, FB, and Twitter.

So I will see you in social media land some time in August, but of course I will see you here in Natasha Foreman land every week [*smile*]


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