Capella Inspires

By Will Deyamport, III, MSEd

I started my doctorate at Capella University with a personal mission: to gain the knowledge-base and leadership skills necessary to obtain a leadership position in an education-focused entity, and to become a university professor. What that education-focused entity would look like has been my challenge over the past year and a half. But after speaking with a number of career specialists and figuring out what I want to do – as opposed to what I don’t want to do – I now have an answer.

I want to head an organization that leads the discussions about the cultural, social, and technological issues of our time. I am fueled by engagement and collaboration, and I want to be a part of an organization that fervently believes in the power of ideas to change how people think and live their lives. And as its leader, I plan on building a community of speakers, resources, open-courses, and conferences, featuring the world’s most innovative and passionate thought-leaders. From that I want to create a movement of like-minded persons – offline and across emerging and various digital and social media platforms.

Capella University has prepared me to be successful in such an organization because its focus on leadership, change management, organizational development, and problem-solving. I’ve also learned how to take research and apply it real-world situations. Most importantly, I’ve been encouraged to follow my passions and to lead with my strengths. Upon graduation, what I will take with me from Capella is a belief in the impossible and the confidence that I can be an effective and transformative leader in the 21st century.

Guest Blogger Bio:

Will Deyamport, III, MSEd is the founder of PEOPLEGOGY – a blog that focuses on life and career developments. Will is a Family Life Educator whose passions include getting people excited about their lives and digital and social media. In addition to his 11 years of experience in education, he has interned with the likes of Ingrid Stabb and J. T. O’Donnell. Will is a doctoral student at Capella University and is a monthly contributor to MyPathfinder Career Blog, where he writes about higher education. You can find him on Twitter at @peoplegogy.

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