Kid President Gives us a Pep Talk and Tells us to Live Fully and Dance

If this video (link also included below) doesn’t bring a smile to your face, make you want to dance, and scream “Whoo-hoo” or “yeah”, or even repeat the words, “Not cool Robert Frost”, then you are totally indifferent and desensitized to life, and the light, brilliance, and innocence that comes from our youth. You, my dear, need an intervention and quick!

I want to thank someone dear to me who sent me this link, Debra Collins, you are awesome and I truly appreciate you sharing this amazing video with me. I am now subscribed to the Soul Pancake channel so that I can invest more precious moments watching and listening to Kid President share love, wisdom, inspiration, and some amazing energy.

Kids are not only our future, they are our now. Embrace them, encourage them, uplift them, support them, and let them know that they can live life, “Like a Boss” and be one too! This young man is going to have an amazing awe-inspiring journey, and I hope to be around to see him reach many of his life-altering milestones.

Now join me in watching this AWESOME video, and afterwards be sure to share it with everyone you know. #KidPresident

Warmest wishes,

Natasha L. Foreman

Copyright 2013. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved.

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