Book That Addresses How Poverty is Ignored in the United States

Have any of you read this book written by Furman University Professor P. L. Thomas?


I’m thinking about purchasing the book to gain insight into his perspective on poverty, capitalism, and our educational crisis. Professor Thomas states, “This work is intended to confront the growing misinformation about the interplay among poverty, public schools, and what schools can accomplish while political and corporate leadership push agendas aimed at replacing public education with alternatives such as charter schools….

Here’s the chapter layout of his book:

Chapter 1: “Universal Public Education:’Two Possible—and Contradictory—Missions’.”

Chapter 2: “Politicians Who Cry ‘Crisis’: Education Accountability as Masking.”

Chapter 3: “Legend of the Fall: Snapshots of What’s Wrong in the Education Debate.”

Chapter 4: “The Great Charter Compromise: Masking Corporate Commitments in Educational Reform.”

Chapter 5: “The Teaching Profession as a Service Industry.”

Chapter 6: “‘If Education Cannot Do Everything…’: Education as Communal Praxis.”

Chapter 7: “Confronting Poverty Again for the First Time: Rising above Deficit Perspectives.”

So what do you think? If you have read it already, please share your thoughts. Thanks.



Copyright 2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved.

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