Corporate Senior Leaders: At the End of the Day it is Your Responsibility

Check out my latest post on the Foreman & Associates, LLC blog about the responsibility that lands at the feet, in the laps, and on the shoulders of every senior/c-suite leader in every organization, regardless of size or other demographics.

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~ Natasha Foreman Bryant

Foreman & Associates, LLC

By Natasha Foreman Bryant, MBA

In my more than twenty years of starting, operating, and managing businesses, mine and others, I have learned numerous lessons along the way. Coupled with my experience as an employee for several small, medium, and large corporations, these lessons have shown me that many mid and senior managers aren’t seeing the big or even the small picture about the companies where they work or the employees that they are supposed to manage and lead. They also aren’t being honest with the senior leaders positioned over them about internal and external risks and opportunities that can impact the company.

I have also had the opportunity to see in real-time that many senior and c-suite leaders, those with Chief or VP in their title, are also overlooking telltale signs that there is a major disconnect within their companies and amongst their teams. These same individuals struggle with…

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