Great News From Natasha

I am thrilled and excited to share some amazing news with all of you. Some of you know that I am a very private person and can be very secretive when I am working on things, or going through issues.

So for the past several months I have been very secretive about certain aspects of my life and career that I am now bursting at the seams to share with you today. Since I have a lot to share I’m going to do this in separate posts throughout the week. A mini-series on little ole’ me!

Trust me I’m not being a prima donna, you will thank me for not dumping all of this information in your lap at one time!

I don’t know where to start so I’m just going to start. Here’s the first announcement:

Foreman & Associates LLC
Over the past two years I have been doing some revamping and real “tweaking” of my operations, really trying to narrow down and focus on what I want and need this company to be for me, my team, and my clients.

I have added team members (including a new one yesterday) and we have realigned what we do and how we operate, with our mission, purpose, and vision. We have refocused our vision for what a prospective client looks like and we know that we cannot serve the needs of everyone, because there truly is a niche market that fits our model best.

For those individuals and companies who we are not in a position to serve, we are referring them to other firms and organizations that we have relationships with, who can best serve their needs.

We are pleased to announce our notary public and specialized consulting services (for professionals and companies and various industries) that are now available.

We also are ramping up our training services as demand has grown significantly. The goal is to eventually provide both on-site and online training.

We have more exciting news that I will be announcing in the coming months. So stay tuned.

Please be sure to visit our website at to learn more. Also be sure to spread the word about Foreman & Associates, LLC

Warmest wishes,




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