More Awesome News From Natasha

Okay folks, so here’s some more news that I haven’t shared fully with everyone:

Paradigm Life Fitness LLC
Earlier this year I launched Paradigm Life Fitness, LLC (PLF) as an answer to those who kept asking me, “when are you going to relaunch your training business?”

Many of you don’t know that I first started out as a Personal Fitness Trainer in 1993 and by 1995 I had started my own company, “Paradigm Fitness” training youth and adults around Southern California. Years later, for personal reasons, I stopped training. But over the past four years my friends and associates kept lovingly nudging me to pick back up the baton and run with it.

So I decided to be my first client, tell no one what I was doing, and take myself through some sometimes painful processes for two years. Yes, for two years I have been my own guinea pig, watching how I physically, mentally, and emotionally responded to combinations of food and exercise alterations.

The best way to train in any industry is to teach what you know from experience. So the weight gain, achy body, and emotional roller coasters came and left—and I yo-yo’d up and down more than 25 pounds!

What I could do at age 20 and even at age 30, I could no longer get away with at almost age 40.

Eating and exercise had to be intentional.

But I didn’t jump up to launch PLF. I instead looked at the marketplace and reconnected with some passions and concerns of mine. I wanted to know what trainers were focusing specifically on:

– families
– moms and moms-to-be
– “seasoned citizens”
– individuals with “food issues
(eating disorders, obesity, diabesity, yo-yo dieters, etc)

What I found was that most trainers in Metro Atlanta, Georgia were either focusing on only one group, or clumping them into one group—but treating them as though they were their traditional “I’m athletic just out of shape” clients. To me, the groups I referenced above need specialized training and settings that help encourage them to keep pushing.

That’s when I decided to launch PLF.

It has been rewarding and encouraging to be out there training with my clients. Even as they sweat and struggle, they tell me that I make it more bearable because I’m sweating right beside them.

When word got out that I launched the company, my “busy” friends and associates asked why I wasn’t marketing to their group. After contemplating it for a week or so, I decided to also offer my services to “Busy Professionals“.

I’m currently working on growing my team and aligning with fitness professionals who can truly relate and connect with PLF clients. So if you know of someone who might be interested in joining my team, send them my way!

To learn more about PLF and the services provided please visit

Warmest wishes,



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