No Super Woman Here: Get to Know Natasha

There’s absolutely no “S” on my chest. I’m flawed and sometimes difficult to be around.

Most times I’m quite entertaining. My sense of humor can be very twisted.

I’m naturally loud, especially when excited. I love to laugh. I have several laughs, some goofier than others. My sister keeps track of them.

I love sports. Track and field, football, basketball, car racing, cycling, and more.

I love movies and reading books. Horror films used to thrill me, especially alone and in the dark. Now I’m terrified and can’t even handle 60-second trailers. Go figure!

I’m a sap, so I cry over mushy scenes, painful images, and glorious moments.

I’m a humble giver who sees and describes myself as a servant leader.
Some people would make the mistake of calling me a “genius”. I’m not a genius. I’m just highly intuitive and I fully flex my common sense muscles.

The only person that I’m competing with is me. Because you can’t have anything that God intended for me, I have no reason to compete with you for what will never be mine.

I don’t do mediocrity, but I’m also no longer obsessed with perfection.

The only person that I strive to be like is Jesus, and I fall short every single day.

I’m a work in progress, being painfully molded, because I’m shockingly hardheaded. For some ignorant reason, I sometimes think that God’s driving too slow or somehow can’t navigate around obstacles, so I find myself grabbing the steering wheel as though I can really drive as good or better than Him.

I’m still learning how to forgive liars, bullies, abusers and cheaters, and be patient with the intolerably impatient—especially those self-absorbed, delusional narcissists.

If you don’t want the truth, then please keep me out of the conversation, and don’t ask for my opinion.

I’m big on honesty, loyalty and trust. It’s hard to trust you when you aren’t honest or loyal. When you have lost my trust in you, don’t expect for me to do the work for you to regain it.

Arrogance has never been a word to describe me, and it never will.

I’m a ‘ride or die’ kinda woman. I’ll roll ’til the wheels fall off, and then I will hitchhike with you to our next destination. But if it’s not reciprocated, I do have the mindset of “when I’m done, I’m done”.

I’m not moved or defined by material things or degrees. Neither will be listed to describe me on my headstone. I can’t take any of it with me when I leave here. So I may ooh and aah over shiny and fast things, but I can’t be bought or sold.

I’m misunderstood by all or most, except maybe my mom, because most people want to categorize me based on the obvious like my gender and astrological sign. That’s a huge mistake because you will almost always be wrong about me.

I’m quickly labeled by people (especially men) who later apologize for the assumption.

My priorities are finally clear— God first, family second, and then my career. I’m focused, determined, and just trying to be obedient to God.

There’s no mystery. I’m just Natasha. Maybe you will make the time to truly get to know me!

~ Natasha Foreman Bryant

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  1. Thank You for being vulnerable to share, prodigal love is work in progress ~ with you … Have a Awesome Week on / in Purpose!!!

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