Still No “S” on My Chest: Get to Know Natasha

I think this week will be a week of deep reflection and taking small moments to browse my insights over the years–to see my areas of growth as well as stagnation.

I also know that I have new followers to my sites and social media profiles, and some people would guess to know the true me. Nowadays it can be difficult with all of the snapping, chatting, posting, and tweeting we’re doing.

We’re all, for the most part, great marketers and do a pretty good job of projecting the image that we want the world to “buy” about our lives and our values. By looking at my social media I think that you can tell that I’m definitely not “pitching perfect” or even any resemblance. I’m just sharing bits and pieces of my life as they unfold. But even with these small glimpses it leaves people to make assumptions about my life and the person that I am.

Well on June 14, 2015 I shared with the world some interesting facts about me. They are still true today. Oddly enough, I find that even when I speak openly about my quirks and flaws, boundaries, and values there’s always someone who challenges it, doesn’t believe it, tries to change me and my mind–and then is left dazed and confused when they get exactly what I said they would. Just like you I want to be accepted, flaws and all. Don’t make me more than I am or try to reduce me in any way. I’m not your Superwoman or your doormat.

So if you never had the chance to read this message, or you simply need a refresher, here you go!


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