Help Dr. Steve Woodsmall’s Congressional Run for 2018

I’m so excited to see that my friend and colleague Dr. Steve Woodsmall is positioning himself for a Congressional run for 2018.

I endorse Dr. Steve Woodsmall.

He has the strength, fortitude, conviction, and no-nonsense mindset that is needed to come in and bring true change to the status quo. A lot of people talk the talk. I’ve always known Steve to walk the walk.

I’m sharing pictures of Steve in this post to help you see and connect with the man that I’ve known as a friend for 7 years. I forgot to ask Steve for permission to post these pictures so I’m asking him for a “pass” (*smile*).

Steve is an amazing leader, served our country as a Commander in the Air Force, has a global perspective that is inclusive, he’s tough as nails but has a giving heart, and everyone who knows him knows that he is excellence-driven.

He has been molding and challenging minds of college students as a university professor for about four years now, and has been officiating youth basketball games for numerous years.

Steve is a family man with four children and several grandchildren. He’s an avid scuba diver and golfer.

A native of Elnora, Indiana, he has his hand on the pulse of everyday Americans and those who immigrate here looking for a better tomorrow than their yesterday. Steve understands, knows and relates to the needs of the middle class and working class.

Steve Woodsmall understands the nuances and blind spots of both the public and private sectors, as he’s worked in and served as a leader in both—he comes with experience and a desire to bring positive change that helps ALL not just a few.

Please help Steve jumpstart his campaign. He has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2,018 for the congressional filing fees. Please support his efforts by donating what you can

Our country needs a passing of the torch. We need fresh minds who can be foot soldiers for the people.

We need more Steve’s working for us and on our behalf. We need to de-clog the system that keeps bringing forth and electing individuals who only serve a small percentage of the population, and rebuild it instead with people who are focused on serving ALL of the people. No self-interest, just service, action, and positive impact.

To learn more about Steve I strongly recommend that you read his book (yes, he’s an author, and I gave him a raving review) “It Beats Eating Lizards” which is available on Amazon. A bio only says so much, to get an understanding for his mindset, leadership approach, and views you should read what he has written–it’s like having a conversation with him.

Steve’s FB campaign page was just launched TODAY so expect to find updates and details about him and his vision to be shared soon.

I pray that Dr. Steve Woodsmall is given the opportunity to serve his state and our country in Congress. Please help him get there so that we have one more person fighting for us!



  1. Dear Steve Woodsmall,
    I am from N.C. and I think we should have Medical Marijuana. A lot of people died from Opioids in 2016, this must stop, ( The FDA and the undertakers get rich on Opioids)
    Barbara King.

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