Visual Highlights of 2017 Through My Lens

If you know me then you know I’m very sentimental and I cherish the smallest things that have the deepest meaning to me (even if irrelevant to others). I still have artwork, books, and keepsakes from my childhood. I’m also the designated photo archivist in my family.

I love pictures—taking them (not necessarily posing for them) and looking at them. I love reminiscing about moments captured. So as I scrolled through my photos on my phone from last December to this December I decided to create collages that highlight 2017 through my lens.

Tomorrow we begin a new year with new memories. So for the last moments of 2017 I will smile and reflect on the special times I had with the special people in my life.

I’m so excited to be an aunt to little Logan and Giavonna. Logan was born on one of my favorite holidays–Halloween, so I can’t wait to see the pictures of him as he grows and we can really have fun decorating and acting silly. Giavonna is three-years-old and already loves the camera so I already know I will have thousands of photos of her before she reaches her teen years.

As I reflect over 2017 I will say an extra prayer for my loved ones who passed away this year: my maternal grandmother—Maxine Butler Stephens; her sister Earlene Butler Slaughter (my great aunt); my maternal cousin–Donnie Pearl Fields Freeman; my paternal uncle, Archie Edwards, my paternal cousin Harold Wallace Jr., my dear friend Traci Little–and my friend Juanda’s mother, Kathleen “Kat” Smith, both of whom I was blessed to meet here in Atlanta.

My heart aches but I know that they are all in a much better place and with loved ones who have been waiting to reunite with them. When I do see them again it will be as though time never passed.

Happy New Year from me to you. I hope these pictures make you smile!

Here’s how I’m spending my NYE…



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