Here’s What I Was Doing on New Year’s Eve to Prepare for 2018

I decided to share a video rather than type a lengthy message. Don’t judge the quality of the video–I casually recorded it while lounging on my sofa. Please simply focus on the content of my message.

If you’re motivated to do so, be sure to reach out to me so that we can connect this year. You never know what great things can come from a conversation. But don’t contact me if you’re not serious. No half-stepping with or around me in 2018 and beyond. Life’s too precious to waste moments. Let’s intentionally focus on embracing and making the most of each moment.

We’ve been blessed with a new year, new page, new chapter–let’s make the most of it. Check out my video below and then holler at me.

Let this be your best year—and as my friend Jack Daniels (the well-known psychotherapist, not the drink that can lead you to a therapist) said earlier today, your best decade EVER!



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