Today I Have Mixed Emotions Tied to “Death” and Celebration

Today I spent several hours at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. It was a gift from my friends T&J, who wanted to honor me through my next chapter in life. So from the pictures below you can see that I enjoyed myself.

But today was more than a Porsche girl’s speed and power fix kinda day.

Today is the anniversary of two major events that directly impacted my life, and will forever remain with me. Two events that involve two people that were in my life but will never be in that way ever again. One transitioned years ago to be freed from a body that wasn’t cooperating with him. The other person—well things just didn’t go as I planned.

I was so moved when leaving the Porsche Center that I decided to record what I was thinking and feeling to share with others who may be going through something similar, and to encourage you to keep walking, keep climbing, keep dreaming, keep being (or trying to be) the person you were called to be.

I refused to spend this day moping around, sadly reminiscing over a past. Instead I choose to spend this day celebrating life and being grateful of my past and for who were in it, and celebrating the life of a person who left here too soon (for all of us still here) but knowing that where he is now is far better than here. Continue smiling, singing, and looking after us Nate (“Badump” to me). You are deeply missed.

We only get this one opportunity at this life on this level of existence. There’s no pause button, no rewind, and no do-overs.

And…I don’t think they have Porsches on the other side. Or iphones, the Internet, social media, IHOP, In-N-Out Burger, Pandora, Netflix, or blogs. *smile*

Live your life and live it fully, with no regrets. Check out my video reflection from earlier today.

Have a blessed day family. I still have a full day of living, learning, and loving left to enjoy!

Love always,


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