Ladies This Message is For YOU!

Hey Queens!

I ran across several videos from Derrick Jaxn that I truly believe can help numerous women who are currently in or seeking to be in a relationship with a man.

I always enjoy listening to Derrick’s perspective on things because he never sugar coats his responses to make them more palatable for viewers; you get him as he is—raw and unfiltered. It’s appreciated.

So earlier this morning I was scrolling through my IG feed to get my fill of the positive and inspiring people that I follow, and I ran across Derrick’s most recent post that was in response to a woman who posted online her anger that her male friend (“best friend”) of seven years has ended their friendship to appease his new girlfriend of two months.

Derrick’s thoughts were just like mine. Listen to his response below and form your own opinion:

For those of you who want a man’s perspective on why and when men choose to marry, and to whom, as well as why men choose to cheat (especially when he seems to have all or most of what he needs from his woman) watch this video:

For those of you who haven’t properly set and enforced standards, boundaries, and/or rules of engagement (how a man is to treat and interact with you); and for those of you who ask the question “how do I know this man is serious about me?” then watch this video:

For those of you who feel like you keep running men off—you go from one relationship to the next, and you don’t know why—so you question if it’s them or if it’s you—please watch this video:

Lastly, Derrick shares “5 Signs That He’s Going to Waste Your Time”. Be ready for the boldness ladies. Some of you may roll your eyes while others may gasp in shock. Either way, be prepared. You may be with a time waster this very moment!

There are tons of awesome videos on Derrick’s YouTube channel, these are just a few that caught my attention.

Be sure to follow Derrick Jaxn on YouTube, IG, FB, or Twitter—or heck, if you want, follow him on all of the platforms.

Listen, learn, enjoy, and share!

Oh yeah, and fellas, if by chance you watch these videos and the little ‘hater’ inside of you pops up and rears its ugly head, check it—because that’s a clear indication that maybe just maybe you’re one of the men Derrick’s talking about.


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