Reflecting on Women’s History Month

I found this video by USA Today that provides some historical facts about Women’s History Month that I would like to share with you. Please watch/listen before proceeding to the rest of my message.

As we begin to wrap up the month of March, let’s reflect on the things we did and said this month to celebrate, uplift, and empower women of all ages and backgrounds.

In what ways were you an ally, advocate, or bridge builder?

In what ways did you chip away at those glass ceilings?

How were you a unifying voice?

What steps did you take this month to help change the common practice of “This is how we’ve always done it”?

Don’t underestimate the impact of compounded efforts.

Wanting more for women doesn’t mean wanting less for men. Lifting a woman up doesn’t mean tearing, kicking, or holding a man down. Empowering women doesn’t mean weakening men. Protecting women doesn’t mean abandoning men. Freedom for women doesn’t mean enslavement of men. A woman’s identity is not and should not be defined by the emasculation of men. We’re not breaking glass ceilings just to force men into glass rooms. When you hear or read that type of nonsense, speak up.

Society ceases to exist if we are not both here, living and contributing. The world is filled with chaos and confusion if we’re not both thriving.

Let’s stop the “Either” “Or” merry-go-round, and let’s instead embrace the power of “And”.

This month is in celebration of all women, not just some, not just the pioneers who pushed through barriers, but all women— of every status, orientation, title, ethnicity, shade of color, nationality, religion, weight, height, and background. Let’s continue and build upon our efforts in the months that follow.