Let’s journey back to November 30, 2016 for a moment.

I wrote this message for girls and women worldwide, to add more positive energy to our #GirlPower. As I sit here in deep reflection I decided to look back on my past messages to see where my mind and heart were at those times. I saw this message and felt that it was more than appropriate to share again today.

These past several months have been a culmination of empowerment and shaming just in the US alone, and I wanted to pause for a moment in this sea of chaos to share some love and light. This isn’t an anti-male message, it’s merely a pro-female one.

Please read and share this with others so that we might all get the chance to breathe.

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I found this quote online and had to share it. I couldn’t selfishly keep it to myself. I know there’s countless females around the world who would also benefit from these words. The source of the quote is unknown, but that’s okay, because ultimately it comes from above and it’s filled with love!

As a woman, there’s a heavy burden placed upon us. Society has an image of us that they try to bind us to, and no matter how hard we resist their ‘box’, they still won’t stop trying to shove us in it. That’s why we can’t afford to slack off and be beaten down and broken. We must stand tall and speak clearly, unwavering and determined. 

Today I dedicate this message to all of the young, maturing, and seasoned women in the world. To the princesses and to the queens, this message is for you. For the teenage girls entering womanhood, this message is for you. 

This may be a “man’s world”, but women make it go ’round. Don’t you ever forget that. Don’t you ever buy the story being sold that would diminish your role and importance in this life. Don’t you ever drink the koolaid that would have you to believe that you are less than a man. God made women carriers of life for a reason. 

Keep your head up, eyes focused, and heart warm. Your feet will follow. Stay centered on goodness and expect nothing but greatness. 

That ceiling will come tumbling down. Those barriers will crash. Those limitations will grow smaller. Those “isms” will begin to lose their power and influence. We’ve come a long way. We’re not turning back or giving up. We can only be defeated when we surrender. We will NOT surrender!

Now, breathe….

I love you all!