Conversation with Congressman John Lewis- Part One

This past Saturday I attended the “Candid Conversation with Congressman John Lewis” and the Women of the 5th Congressional District at the Rialto Center at Georgia State University. The conversation was moderated by Spelman College President, Dr. Beverly Tatum. Joining Lewis and Tatum were State Representative Stacey Abrams, Dr. Cynthia Pierre, Ms. Portia Wu, and Dr. Julie Hotchkiss.

I was there under two capacities, first as a concerned citizen and business woman, and secondly as a Board member (Director of Communications and Marketing) for the Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter (YWTF-ATL) to see how our organization can serve as collective change agents within Metro Atlanta.

I have written part one of a two-part series about this event that you can read at the YWTF-ATL blog:
Check it out and be sure to “like” the article and share it with your network. You can also view pictures from the event on my site

It’s important that women are literate in finance, taxes/taxation, politics, health and wellness issues, employee rights, and business- we shouldn’t be narrowly focused on being equally literate as men, but we should be concerned with increasing our literacy so that we can stop deferring to men and sheepishly allowing them to control every conversation that falls outside of our stereotypical parameters.

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