Overcoming Fear Quote of the Day 10.4.11

By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

My dad used to say, “when a dog barks whistle” meaning don’t run in fear–face it. But he also didn’t say “go find the dog”. You must be smart when dealing with high intensity situations. When fear is chasing you down, face it, but don’t go looking for opportunities to be attacked…just because you hear a barking dog doesn’t mean you should walk over to the fence with the sign that reads, “Beware of Dog” and then hop the fence.

When fear is chasing you, face it but don’t add ‘bullets’ to the ‘gun’ being pointed at you. Think and act strategically, intentionally, and courageously. Leverage your strengths and weaknesses, and gain the upper hand as you are prepared for the blind spots in life. So when that dog barks and you whistle, and it comes charging around the corner ready to attack…you will also be ready.

-Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

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