A Husband’s List About What He Loves About His Wife

This article hit my inbox and I felt moved to share it with others. It’s about love, real love, love beyond the physical, the love that can’t be bought. This article is about the love of a husband for his wife. Below I have included excerpts from Edward Lee’s post, What a Husband Loves About His Wife:

But the real lasting love we have for you as our wife comes from character and who you are on the inside (all of my Bible readers can look to 1 Peter 3:1-6):

1. Forgiveness. We love it when you forgive us. We all mess up, that’s male and female, but nothing is greater than knowing you have forgiven us for our mess ups. We “see” your love when you accept our apology and we can put it to rest.

2. Respect. Every man, at some point crosses the “I need to be respected” bridge. It is also true that every man defines respect differently. However you define it, let your wife know. Because it is an essential component of being a man. At its core, value the weight we bear. I know, you carry weight too, but for whatever reason, men see (my non-scientific opinion) respect as reciprocal.

3. Courtesy. We love to be asked to do something; it goes with knowing we are valued. But I don’t know any man that enjoys being told what to do. Please, Thank You, and Babe go along way.

4. Trust. Trust is hot. When you trust me and I trust you, what can come between us?

5. Openness. We love it when we don’t have to guess what is on your mind. Make us guess and we will get it wrong, tell us and we will know.

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Be sure to share your thoughts, and any changes or additions that you would make to the list!


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