Thought of the Day

Happy Monday!

Wow can you believe that it’s already March 6th? It seems like it was just last week when it was New Year’s Day. 

Every year people create New Year’s Resolutions and usually by day 45 in the New Year, a great number of these resolutions have been tossed aside. 

Are the goals too lofty? Are the goalsetters just lazy or easily distracted? 

Consider our other dreams and the things we desire to have. People commonly say how they are “chasing” this and that, “chasing that paper“, “chasing the dream“, etc. But the quote pictured above truly says it all, if you’re honest with yourself. 

You don’t have to chase what God sent–it’s delivered to you, it’s placed before you when the time is right, and you just need to accept and embrace those things (and people) fully. If you’re chasing something then ask yourself, “is it really God sent? Is it really what God wants me to have?” 

Just something to think about this 65th day of the year, with 300 days left…



  1. Today’s quote truly puts New Year’s Resolutions in their prospective place!!
    Thank you my Sister for this inspiring & realistic message!!!

    Love you!

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