Thought of the Day: Actively Chasing and Achieving Dreams

I just saw a quote that I decided to flip a bit into my own words for greater impact:

Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”

We all have dreams. But how many of us are truly working towards making those dreams come true?

 What are we doing every single day to get closer to making those ideas a reality?

Are we just talking about what we want or are we getting up each day and doing whatever it takes to achieve the things we claim we want most? 

Are you a Dream Catcher or a Dream Crusher?

A Dream Catcher is constantly engaged in positive action to see those dreams come true. Ultimately the Dream Catcher becomes the Dream Achiever—for every dream that comes true is one that is achieved through hard work and commitment. 

A Dream Crusher is a saboteur who talks so much (with little action) that eventually their dreams become so far out of reach that they eventually give up—and blame someone or something else for the failure. The sad thing is that it’s not a failure. You have to try in order to fail or succeed. The Dream Crusher never actually tries. 

You can’t learn how to swim if you never get in a body of water and try. 

You can’t learn how to read if you never take the words and try to decipher them. 

You can’t be a successful business person if you never put in the work and try to get and keep paying customers. 

You can’t be an artist if you don’t at least try to create. Having the instruments and tools don’t make you an artist. It’s your use and application of these items, and the creation of something that makes you an artist. 

You will never get a job if you don’t try by taking the first step, applying for the jobs, then following up each and every time to secure a position somewhere. 

You can’t have a successful marriage if you don’t try. If you don’t invest the time and patience, if you don’t work at it, your marriage is bound to fail. 

What 3-5 things can you commit to doing right now to help you achieve your dreams? Write them down and read them every day as you actively work towards chasing your dreams. Be sure to mark them off as you accomplish them. 

Our freedom comes from doing what we love. Our joy and happiness comes from loving what we do. Don’t be a dream crusher. Be a dream chaser who becomes a dream achiever!


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