Tomorrow is my Birthday and This is the Gift That I Desire

I’ve shared in previous posts about my desire and need for a cure for Alzheimer’s-Dementia. It has attacked my family members and other loved ones. It has attacked people that I know and also those closest to individuals that I know.

 It’s attack is cruel. It eats away at the brain. It steals the cognitive skills. It takes away our memories. It takes away our dignity.  It attacks and attacks so much that if it doesn’t kill you early on it will take away your ability to talk, walk, and care for yourself—and with your inability to fight back, it ultimately gets what it came for in the beginning—it takes the most precious thing–your life. 

It doesn’t care about your dreams, goals, ambitions, and plans. It doesn’t care that you saved to go on a family trip. It doesn’t care how much you have set aside for retirement. It doesn’t care that you want to be with and spend quality time with your family. It simply doesn’t care. It has one objective—to attack and conquer. 

I know that science and faith can hold hands on this combat mission against Alzheimer’s-Dementia. 

I know that there’s a cure, an affordable one, for all. So I want to do my part to help find that cure so that no one has to face the horrific tragedy that Alzheimer’s-Dementia has in store for you, me, and our loved ones. 

I’ve asked for one simple gift for my birthday, a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. I could choose any charity on Facebook, and I chose the one that hits extremely close to home, one that I’ve been supporting for years in hope of finding a cure for my own family and the entire world. I created my donation page that is linked to the Alzheimer’s Association. No matter what amount you gift of $1 or more, it all goes directly to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

If you know me you know that I rarely ask for anything for myself, and today I’m not asking you to give me money or fancy gifts. Today I’m asking you to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association. Donate this gift that can give men and women a chance at a dignified and long life, a life filled with memories and the ability to recognize and communicate freely with loved ones, a life that affords us greater options. 

No one should be stripped of their dignity, left to stare blankly from a bed that they can’t rise from on their own, left for strangers to bathe and feed them, left waiting for the end to come. That is what Alzheimer’s-Dementia does. It doesn’t come swift and fast. No it’s more sinister. It comes and takes the long, slow route, savoring the torture day-by-day, year-by-year. I know that we can destroy Alzheimer’s-Dementia. I have faith and I believe in science!

Here’s the link to my Facebook donation page. Celebrate my birthday with me by making a donation of $1 or more. I thank you in advance for your gift of hope and action!

With love,


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