Happy Birthday to my Sister

Happy 29th birthday to my amazing sister Alexandra. I’ve witnessed true growth over the years and seen as you transitioned from wild child to mother, boldly taking the responsibility of a mom with a warrior spirit. I’m extremely proud of you. I can’t believe you’re already 29.

Jeesh it feels like not so long ago you were knee high, trying to hang with your big sis. Time flies when you’re living.

Wow…the last year of your 20s. What bold steps will you take today and each day after to put a beautiful bow on this era, to gracefully walk into the next?!?

I look forward to seeing your shine, and baby girl you better shine BRIGHTLY for the world to see how blessed you truly are, and how bold and brilliant God truly made you! You are beautiful, brilliant, wise, loving, thoughtful, protective, nurturing, humorous, creative, and reflective.

You can be “Cali B” and whatever else to whomever else, but to me you will ALWAYS be my POONKA! I love you sis.

Let’s take a visual trip down memory lane…

It’s amazing how much you and mom look alike, especially as children. I swear that both of you as babies looked like Logan. Yet Logan also looks identical to his daddy. Man, both families have strong genes!

It’s awesome that you have remained friends since childhood and now have the opportunity to build stronger relationships as grown women!

What an adorable family. I love the three of you so very much.

Our family bond is unlike anything else in the world!!!

Well Poonka, I wish I was there to hug and celebrate with you. Know that I am, in my heart. Enjoy your day, week, month, and year.

Love your big sis,

Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Natasha L. Foreman

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