Recover the “WHY”

A few days ago I had the pleasure of chatting online with a woman who I know God sent to speak to me that day, Ms. LeVeda McCou. We met years ago within professional settings and instantly we clicked. I’ve always liked her bold, go-get-it attitude and personality.  When her path took her elsewhere professionally we continued to stay in touch through social media. Well to make a long story short, LeVeda reached out to me to verbally and spiritually pour into me what I’ve been pouring into others but neglecting to reserve some for myself. Charity starts at home and when you forget to take care of your needs you can feel completely depleted when life clobbers you.

Below are excerpts from our online chat. LeVeda’s words hit home and touched me to my core, forcing me to rise up from my slumber and stand on my feet as the woman she and others have grown to admire. When you’re going through hell oftentimes you don’t realize how much you have helped others, how much of your strength has strengthened others, and how many people are actually standing by watching and cheering for you. We always think of our “haters” but we don’t consider all of our supporters and those who as LeVeda put it, “need you to thrive“. If you don’t have people around you who will pour positivity back into you, then you need to reconsider who you associate with—you may actually have more takers in your life than givers. I’m grateful that I have plenty of givers that surround me and remind me of what matters most.

It’s important that we all remember why we get up each day, why we go to work, why we’re determined to be great entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, leaders, etc. Why do we have this urge to do more and be more? Why do we feel like we’re falling short of where we need to be in life? Why do others look up to you, admire you, want you to be their mentor or coach? What is it about you that makes others “hate” or “love” you? Why are you a force to be reckoned with? Why is it never an option for you to simply give up and quit? Why is mediocrity never the level that you’re allowed to sink to? Why have your failures been setups for success, rather than plain ole’ failures? Why have you been called to lead, serve, give, sacrifice, share, invest, and do more than your mind can currently comprehend? Why does God want you to succeed?

Thank you again LeVeda for your powerful words and for obediently listening to God when He said, “contact Natasha”. He knew what I needed and you didn’t hesitate to be the messenger. Thank you sister girl. I’m determined to Recover My WHY!

LeVeda’s Words

…I’m so proud of you…

When I met you I knew that you were strong, great, simply bad ass….

Believe Your Own Magic No matter what!!!

You are the sh*t!!!

Find yourself it’s incredible. You have so many people to help….

Oh your life helps people….You’ve done the work to be who you are. You just have to remember your WHY.

That’s all. It’s all there. It was just put in the corner. It’s real easy….

You are great. God saved your life. His best is waiting for you. So recover the WHY.

Believe Your Own Magic…and everything will begin to unfold.

I have discovered there are always people around that has you in mind.

There is a platform bigger than the one you had. That was practice. And it was imperative for you to understand that. Trust and believe me.

Don’t believe nothing else but that it’s a journey and you got this.

We need you to thrive.

Our life experiences are not just our own. We go through them to shorten the healing time of others.


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