Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Today is my birthday. I’ve been blessed to walk around and make mistakes, fall down and get back up—and learn hard lessons for 42 super awesome years.

Today I celebrate my life and all that is has been and all that I hope it will be.

Today I miss loved ones who have since passed away, but are still very present in my heart. I wish they were here to hug, laugh with, hold their hand as I shed a tear, reminisce over the “good ole’ days”, and ask them for much-needed counsel. But the reality is, they aren’t here. So I reflect through pictures and the memories that I cling to, and remember their words of wisdom that they freely shared with me.

Today I think about my family and wonder how we can connect more face-to-face. I think of my younger cousins who have grown up and I don’t have a real connection with them because I missed so much of their young lives. Then there’s the tiny tots in my family who don’t know me because I’m not around–I don’t live in their state so I don’t get to see them. Today I ask myself how I can change that reality. My family is so important to me and I want to strengthen my bonds with my extended family members, reconnecting what we had when we were much younger. That is my hope, desire, and prayer today.

Today I sit here giddy and joyful wondering what my nephew Logan will look like, act like, and sound like when he debuts in the upcoming days. My sister, Alexandra, will be 39 weeks tomorrow, and Logan has been prepping all of us for the big day. Oh how he will remind his mommy and his daddy (Shawn) how God truly does have a sense of humor. As many of us have surmised– you and all of your childhood antics are gradually displayed through your own child! That’s when your parents can laugh and say “payback time!” I know I can’t wait to point towards my sister, laugh, and then say, “don’t get mad you used to do the exact same thing!”

Today I reflect on this art piece (below) that my father had made for me in 1985 when I was 10-years-old. I look forward to the day when I can have something made for my child–that they will hopefully cherish and hold on to as I have done. This piece hangs proudly in my home for me to see each day.

Natasha art piece from dad 1985

Birthdays make us think of life, death, successes, failures, hopes and dreams, and love.

I’ve accomplished a lot in these 42 years and I still have so much more to do, to see, to feel, and to say—so I promise myself that I won’t waste my days over anger, foolishness, self-pity, depression, or doubt. I look forward to the next 42 years and beyond. I hope that the world is ready for me!

To celebrate my birthday I share one of my newest professional head shots. I figured that I didn’t need to wait until the new year to roll out a new look, vibe, and mindset. I would start today–my birthday. I’m kinda digging the look. What do you think?


Here’s to what’s next!


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