Addiction to Technology Worse Than Alcohol, Chocolate or Caffeine Addiction

Imagine going a full day without access to the rest of the world through technology…

No Internet. No email. No Twitter. No Facebook. No LinkedIn. No Foursquare. No Television.  No Radio. No Music. No Digg. No blogs. Nothing. Absolutely no instant gratification through technology!

What runs through your mind as you think of that possibility as being your reality?

Recent studies (one by the University of Maryland and the other by technology firm TeleNav), have found that many of us are addicted to technology; our cell phones, smart phones, laptops, computers, iPads, tablets, iPods, televisions, and the like are all devices that help to feed our addiction. Want to see the results of the studies and the percentage of people who said they would be willing and able to part with the Internet for 24 hours? Want to know how many people would rather give up sex, brushing their teeth, or wearing shoes just to keep their mobile phone? Be ready to be amazed, shocked, and disturbed then ask yourself, “is this me?” It probably is!


Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman.




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  1. I am a graduate in an international communications school in Israel and have been researching this subject for a year now. I have created a youtube page regarding this subject, filled with videos that I have filmed and uploaded.
    I decided to go around Israel to find volunteers to give up their cell phones and laptops for just 3 days, and I documented them as they did so.

    Please check it out at my youtube page. The link is listed below:

    Enjoy and please comment and share! We need to REWIND the FUTURE!!!!

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